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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Hashtag Hustle: How To Leverage Social Media To Maximize Sync Potential

For artists, bands, composers, and producers, there’s no comprehensive walkthrough on how to use social media to maximize the return on sync placements (trust us, we looked!); so, we sat down and wrote one for our artist community to use and share.

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How Bands Can Break Into New Markets

One way to grow your music’s reach is to break into new markets. This could be taken a number of ways: new geographical areas (cities, states, countries, etc.) or simply new audiences in general (by demographic, interest, psychographic, etc). Before you try and expand your reach through new markets, it’s important to take a few things into consideration:

  • Return on Investment: What is the cost or effort required to break into this market? Is the return on investment worthwhile or would you be better off using those resources to grow an existing market?

  • Goals: What kind of role will this market play in your S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals?

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Video banner advertising campaign lifts album sales by 80% for Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye 

A test to measure the impact of video banner advertising on album sales resulted in an 80% lift for Different Gear, Still Speeding, the debut album by Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady Eye, according to web analytics company Buzzdeck. 

The campaign was delivered by the cost per engagement advertising network Silence Media and was commissioned by media agency The 7 Stars for the band’s record label Beady Eye Records.

The ad featured videos for the band’s singles The Roller, Bring The Light and The Beat Goes On. Fans on numerous male lifestyle and sport websites were invited to rollover and expand the ad to watch the videos.

Click here to watch the ad. 

Buzzdeck measured these engagements in a timeline that also included total album sales. All other advertising and promotion was suspended during the test. The campaign produced a sales spike that lifted sales by 80%.


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