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PJ Harvey album tops end of year polls in the UK

PJ Harvey’s tenth studio album Let England Shake was named the best record of 2011 by UK music critics in a major poll by music retailer HMV.

The album finished top-of-the-pile in end-of-year polls across British media including Uncut, Mojo, The Guardian, and NME.

More than 30 media outlets were polled for their favourite discs of the last 12 months. The top 5 albums according to British critics were…

1) PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

2) Bon Iver - Bon Iver

3) Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

4) Radiohead - The King of Limbs

5) Tune-Yards - Whokill

Harvey said of the honour, “I am very grateful to receive this accolade for Let England Shake. The response to this album has heartened me, and given me great hope for the future.”

The critics seemed pretty conclusive about PJ releasing the album of the year. But are these the best indie music albums that were released during 2011? The Black Keys, James Blake. Metronomy, and the Arctic Monkeys may have been in with a claim for a spot in the Top 5.

Andrew Parker is the editor of leading music news and entertainment website Electric Banana - often contributing album reviews.


Share And Earn

Today, thinking about ways of selling content online, especially music, demands to take a close look at even distribution channels you didn’t bother to think of before.

You simply can’t afford to miss any options for sales any more. As album sales still drop and single downloads do not compensate for the loss of physical sales diversification of revenues is gaining more and more relevance.

The crux of diversification is that new revenue models must not cannibalize existing products.

So let’s think of revenue channels that do not concern physical media or downloads but opening revenues without loosing channels you already have.

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How to Record an Album in 7 Days

We, as modern musicians, are spoilt. We can have anything we want in a snap. Instruments from Abbey Road, snap. Ultra high resolution Pro-Tools recording, snap. Performing an entire set using only a mobile phone, snap.

So, when anyone can record a song, why are so few people recording quality albums?

Because they require focus.

When you have 50 unfinished tracks floating around, how can you pick 10 to fit together into an album? A good album isn’t simply a collection of songs thrown together, often they are written and recorded during the same sessions. Unlike single songs, albums require a focus on the bigger picture. How will the songs sound next to each other? What order would they work best in? Do all the tracks belong on there?

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Singles Strategy Radiohead Style

Radiohead says it’s going to release singles instead of albums. Is the album finally dead? Article examines the roadblocks musicians still face trying to release singles-only into the digital mainstream, and calls for a change.

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