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Music Career Interviews - Ariel Hyatt

This interview was originally posted on Chris Rockett’s Music Marketing Website

If you sniff around in music marketing for a while you will soon start to hear little whispers about the awesomeness of Ariel Hyatt. First it will be a YouTube video, then a blog post, and pretty soon you’ll be a fully fledged “Ariel Addict” shouting I don’t want to go to rehab.

An ode to Ariel: “Buy her books, read her blogs…go see her at a conference.”

Ummm…I can’t really think of anything to rhyme with conference, and to be honest I think the whole poem thing was a bad idea ;-)

But I’m just kind of excited…why?

Well so far I have read the interview below twice and my notebook is already full with new ideas, book recommendations, websites to visit and new musical strategies to implement. I can’t wait for you to start using this information so I’m going to shut up now and hand over the stage to the real first lady of music marketing.


- Chris

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