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The Real World vs The Internet

I visited this seminar recently run by a music professional. He explained quite an elaborate picture of the music business but one thing didn’t sit quite right with me. He said “to make it in this business you have to get out in the real world. You can have some success on the internet but eventually you will find yourself having to embrace the real world to progress.”

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EPK Anatomy

I know what you’re thinking…

not another long article about making EPKs…

but hold-up….

I’ve made this so you can see what an awesome EPK is made up of:

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INDIE MAG Launches a Campaign to Develop a Funding Platform for Independent Musicians

Publishing with a conscience
INDIE MAG is on a mission to create a funding platform to support artist development by funneling profits from the magazine back into the global indie music community. The INDIE MAG team is raising funds on Indiegogo to establish the magazine as a social enterprise and to develop an infrastructure for the distribution of the sales profits through a grant process. Profits generated through sales from the issues will be funneled back into the independent music community. The goal of this undertaking is to provide artists with an opportunity to seek financial support simply on the merit of their ideas and their musically inspired vision for themselves and the world. INDIE MAG has teamed up with Wear Your Music©, the guitar string bracelet charity project, to offer a range of rewards in exchange for contributions to The INDIE MAG Project.

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Bad Press...Take It of Leave It (from BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog)

“People gonna talk about you ’til the day you die; and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.” This is one of my favorite Madea movie quotes because this is true.  Especially in the entertainment industry where artists are constantly being watched, attacked, and ridiculed for making life’s mistakes or even for things that are blown out of the water by the press. A few artists escape the daily bashing by flying under the radar and keeping a simple private life.  While others feed on the bad press to stay relevant and/or capture attention towards their latest project.  But is exposure for your music REALLY worth the negative press?

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The Fame Formula

There are several secret ingredients to making a star shine and sparkle. A lot goes into defining and sculpting the X Factor that ultimately is the key to making them stand out so big and bold. We all know by now that it’s not an overnight thing. It’s a complete recipe and leaving out even one ingredient, or adding them at the wrong time – and the formula won’t work.

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7 Words Every Artist NEEDS To Know: Publishing

If you’re serious about making this business of music your full time career, then one of the first things you need to understand is the lingo of the business! Today we will discuss, in plain English, the top 7 terms you need to understand about publishing. Something important to remember about publishing is, this is how songwriters earn their living. If you are an artist who only records other peoples music, you are usually not entitled to the publishing income. However, if you are an artist who rights some or all of your own material, or a writer/ composer (beat-maker for the rap producers), this is where ALL of your money is coming from! So without any more chatter, here is:

7 Words Every Artist NEEDS To Know: Publishing

1. Copyright
- Copyrights are the rights given to you under US law that states, once you create an original work (known as Intellectual Property), you are the only one who is allowed to profit from it for a specified amount of time (for most of you, that would be the rest of your life, plus 70 years). Now, by law, as soon as you put the song in a form that anyone else can hear it or read it, it is considered copywritten. The question is, how do you prove you did it first? Although there are a lot of suggested ideas out there on how this can be done (ie. mail it to yourself and don’t open it, upload it to a website so the date is saved, etc…) they are ALL wrong. The ONLY way to ensure that your music is protected and will stand up in court when you sue someone for stealing your song, is to register the song with the US Library of Congress. Once submitted, your copyright is secure, and you can rest assured that your music is safe.

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A Common Music Business Contract Mistake – Not Thinking Long Term

2 Common Examples:

1. You’re offered 10% as an Artist
[Side Note: Make sure it says of the Retail Price! If it says “Wholesale”, make sure you get 20%!!!]

Why not ask for your rate to rise each album you release by 1/2%?

Why not ask that your rate goes up 1/2% for “Gold” and anothet 1/2% for “Platinum”?

Believe it or not, the Record Company will probably say “Yes” to both! Why? Because if you’re doing well, they won’t mind it, and if you’re Not selling, they can always rease you from the contract anytime they want!

2. Thinking you can stop paying a Manager [for example] when the contract is over

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