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MOD Devices Launches New Plugin Marketplace

BERLIN, GERMANY (May 4th, 2018) – MOD Devices, the music technology company based in Berlin, has announced the launch of a new plugin marketplace inside its platform. In addition to hundreds of free plugins, MOD Duo users will now have access to paid plugins from renowned audio developers.

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Auganizer v1.1.1 as used by Steve Angello, Swedish House Mafia

A major update for Auganizer has been released, bringing it to version 1.1.1. It adds numerous new features and addresses all known issues.


Auganizer allows you to rename, reorder, organise and arrange your Audio Units the way you want to. Until now, renaming and arranging your Audio Units in Logic, Garageband, Main Stage or other Audio Unit hosts has been impossible. Since its release by Apple the Audio Unit standard has not allowed for your own naming and organising conventions. Now, for the first time, Auganizer makes it simple to arrange plugins by group, sub group and custom name, for straightforward filing and identification.


The Auganizer team said “v1.1 is all about adding compatibility and functionality across the board. We’ve made lots of changes on the backend of the software to cater for just about every plugin out there. Everything is silky smooth and running great and we’ve added a whole bunch of features since v1.01.”


So much so Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia fame was quoted on Twitter as saying “This has changed my life” - certainly a ringing endorsement. 


Auganizer v1.1 is available now from for $34.99.


Best plugin compressor

This is a common search term and it applies to all plugins for audio production and not just compressors. Most home music studios rely on software in order to process recorded audio tracks within the realms of a digital audio workstation. There must be literally 1,000’s of plug ins on the market such as equalizers, compressors, stereo width adjustment, de-essers etc. Some are purely digital in nature and some seek to emulate analog hardware.

Many of these plugins are created by well known developers and some are made by just a one man operation. With such a vast range of plug in types to choose from what is the best way to ensure you set yourself up with the best sonic tools for the job. Well it will come as little surprise that listening is the real way to ensure that you choose the best tools. Of course we can all hold pre conceptions of what tools will add ‘analog warmth’ or provide clarity and punch and sometimes this is a good place to start from. Try and clarify what the goal is with any given purchase and then narrow it down to the 5 plugins that you feel are going to serve your needs best.

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