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Local San Diego Talent Goes Big Time

Do you think music defines an area? I do. I mean, certainly some would agree that the grunge scene of the early 90’s would be indicative of the perhaps gloomier surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Consider the soul-panged anthems that mimicked the gray skies and endless drizzle. You know, the ones that portrayed their youthful rejection of mainstream and sun-soaked America, preferring to venture off alone down an excessively flannelled and dismal path.

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Top 10 Reasons Your Efforts to Find a Band via Craigslist are Failing

I’m going to vent a little, and in the process give you a few laughs.

If you’re a musician looking to join a band,  and you’ve been trying & trying, responding to tons of ads, or running ads of your own, yet you just can’t seem to get into a band, you might pick up some tips here.

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The Last Bison Makes a Statement with "Inheritance" in Nashville, TN

When artists like Steve Delopoulos, Neulore, The Last Bison, Canon Blue, and Paper Route share the stage in Nashville, you can be sure to see a full crowd in attendance.  That was the scene last night at 3rd & Lindsley as industry professionals, executives, investors, and fans showed up to a showcase put on by Wedgewood Circle.  Proceeds from the show (only $10) went directly to the Wedgewood Circle Artist Fund, a group that exists to give “artists the capacity to be sustained and grow in their culture space.”  Wedgewood initially launched in 2007 to “invest in artists whose calling is to the common good… and to be in the world, but not of it.”  The investors and board members have supported all the bands mentioned above, which collectively formed one of the best showcases that I’ve ever seen in Nashville.  Despite their shortened set, Paper Route killed it as usual, playing songs from their new album, The Peace of Wild Things.  It was also my second time seeing Canon Blue in concert, but this time Daniel James was joined on stage by Zach Farro on drums and Vince Scheuerman on guitar/vocals, along with horn and string sections.  The result was phenomenal, and it was amazing to see the songs from his debut album, Rumspringa, come alive with the addition of quality musicians and full band performance.  There were countless great moments, but the true surprise of the evening was witnessing the performance from The Last Bison.

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How to Get More Fans on Facebook

During a consulting session earlier this week, I was asked “How do you get more fans on Facebook?”

I began by talking about the usual techniques: advertising the Facebook page, better cross-promoting with other sites, increasing engagement, etc. However, the more that I thought about the question, the more I realized it was the wrong question. Many artists are constantly looking for ways to increase the number of followers on their Facebook or Twitter. They even buy fake followers to do so. But the bigger question isn’t amount how to get more fans on Facebook, it should be more about how to get more fans, period.

When you are staring at your Facebook fan page and are thinking about how to increase the number of likes, think about the bigger picture: how can you increase the number of fans. Who cares if you have a large number of followers but no one buying your music or attending the shows? When you increase the number of genuine fans, your social media metrics automatically increase.

So how do you get more fans? Many of the important thoughts about this are covered in The Best Social Media Site for Bands as well as in How to Develop a Hardcore Fan Base. Enjoy :)


Did The Rise of Hip-Hop Cause The Decline of Black Bands?

Since the rise of Hip-Hop in the late 80′s and early 90′s, there’s no question that there has been a significant and substantial decline in the number of all black bands in comparison to those in the generations before Hip-Hop became popular. Previous the inception of Hip Hop, there was tons of bands that were all black, or were at least formed and led by African-Americans.

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Take Your Show To The Next Level!

All genres, all types of bands, solo artists, etc. - Do you know what it takes to win over your audience, sell more merchandise, book more shows, get more money for your show, and get the industry pro’s checking you out?

Talent alone is not enough. Your image is not enough. And certainly relying on your Facebook friends is no where near enough. However, learning the the tricks to win more fans is the key.  An awesome fan base is crucial. So, work out a show for your fans with a “wow factor” and watch your audience grow quickly in numbers.  

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What I Learned From Justin Bieber


Baby, baby, baby oh…Ok I’ll stop right there.  So the story goes that Justin Bieber and his mom uploaded videos of Justin singing at a talent competition on YouTube in 2007.  The next thing you know he’s having a meeting with Usher and on his way to stardom.  Wow!  That is one crazy story!  So anyone can do the same thing and just wait for that major record label to call them,right? Lets just say the odds are not good!

Instead of kids getting their new favorite artists from pop radio, kids discover music on the web. We live in a fast instant gratification world and there is a vast amount of information.  Which means for artists that your 15 minutes of fame (AKA Vanilla Ice) is now 15 seconds of fame.  So as artists, how do we use internet marketing in a way to get real results?

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Swiss Cheese And Toilet Paper

At least once a week I get a CD of an aspiring artist handed to me. I’m convinced Starbucks is the music and business hub of Nashville. I really try to make an effort to listen to everything that I receive. After all, I know first hand from the last fifteen years how hard being an independent musician can be.  You never know, that blank disc with the band name scribbled in mint green marker just might be the next Coldplay.

Ninety-nine percent of the time the CD is sonically not up to par (this is my nice way of saying absolutely freaking terrible!) and there are always basic song writing mistakes spread through out. Now if you had stopped reading here you would walk away thinking there is no hope and that Blake guy is a total jerk. But wait, there is hope! This is the point where we all sit back, take a deep breath, take a sip of our favorite coffee, and address the issue of why working with a producer is so important.

A friend of mine once told me about when he fell into an opportunity to work at a small

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Electric Vans And Touring: Can You Afford 2 Cents Per Mile?

There are many large businesses taking advantage of 2 cents per mile with the use of electric vehicles, that is not a typo, one of the electric vehicle industries greatest bonuses is price per mile. The new electric vehicle industry will endevour to help bands of the future, but why are they not ready for us independents just yet? Simply put, due to the huge upfront costs of an electric van, you actually can not afford 2 cents per mile.


You may or may not as a musician have thought about these new propulsion methods. I am talking about electric vehicles, which are actually not so ‘new’. In the early 1900’s there were more electric cars registered on the roads of America then there were petrol cars. What does this mean today? Well with technology being trickled out to the possible consumers as slowly as possible it could mean a resurgence of the electric vehicle 100 years after they where first driven on the roads of America and beyond. What does this have to do with you your probably thinking. Electric vans are a part of this not so new technology which your band could utilize.

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Simple website builder for artists launches while declaring end of recession

Canadian startup Sayvee has just launched a simple and easy way for musicians to create a professional website without the need to be a geek. Their launch is combined with an announcement declaring the official end of the recession and a creative Facebook contest.

Not often do you find a technology company with a lot of personality. Sayvee is changing that by turning the heads of their biggest competitors with their tongue-in-cheek promo videos and their latest contest on Facebook where they declared July 1, 2010 as the official last day of the recession.

“We decided that it was time for the recession to be over,” commented Steve Devries, co-founder and photographer. “We’ve been building Sayvee for the past 2 years and figured that since people are doing things like selling stars and space on the moon that we could claim a date for the end of the recession.”

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Simple Strategies for Marketing Your Band in the Next Generation Music Biz

Finding effective strategies for marketing your band is a priority. Most would agree with this, but only when you get time to think about it. The problem for many bands is actually finding the time to think, then think marketing then think ‘strategies’. It amazes me how many times I still come across bands who are still…….

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MWL Meets WXPN in Philly - Exclusive Interview

Check out this new Interview with XPN General Manager Roger LaMay. Hear what XPN has to offer indie artists, get advice, and find out what the radio station that broke MIA into the mainstream scene is doing right! Stay tuned for our next interview with Bruce Warren, XPN’s PD, for more info about how XPN selects their artists and how you can get involved!

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Five reasons you will fail in the music business

These are five of the top reasons why you will fail at a music career. It may sound like it is coming off a little harsh. That’s because it is.

Too many musicians put too much energy and effort into talking about why things have not happened or why things are not working for them. Everyone has reasons, justifications and rationale to explain why they are failing, yet these same artists do not take the steps to problem solve, change direction, learn, educate or empower themselves with the knowledge and the tools to change the path.

Egos are a sensitive thing and musicians, as well as other artists, are very sensitive. Add stubbornness and delusions of grandeur to ego and you get a failure trifecta. The music industry has changed. It is not what it was twenty five years ago and, hell, it is vastly different than what it was even five years ago.

It’s the musician’s responsibility to learn the industry and the changes that are currently happening. Then formulate a clear understanding of what has to happen in order to ensure success. You must have problem solving skills. You must have the tools and patience to do the drudge work. You must watch for mistakes and missteps just as you watch for opportunities and new avenues. It is crucial to make corrections to keep yourself on the path to success.

Here are five of the top reasons or excuses for failure that I hear all too often. I’ve listed the reasons why they are bad and a way to look at them in a different light.

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Pretending to be more than you are - Lying in marketing. 

You need to professionally present yourself, your music and your career. Your recording, promotion, marketing as all your soliciting materials and legal materials need to be done the right way. A strong professional package and promotional presence goes a very long way while a fake or weak presence will hurt you more than you know. Too many bands out there are trying to paint a picture they can't live up to and it is hurting much more than helping them.

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