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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Please Join Me (Roland Tec) For A Free Conversation About Songwriting Collaboration In The Age Of Zoom April 16th.

Songwriting is hard enough. Songwriting with a partner can be brutal. But it can also be one of the most exhilarating adventures you’ll ever have. So many songwriters working in music-theatre wonder all the time: Why is it so hard to find the ideal songwriting partner? Maybe it has less to do with who you’re choosing and more to do with how. How you’re choosing a partner and, even more important, how you’re attempting to collaborate.

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The Essential Guide To Being Elliott Sharp, by Elliott Sharp

Improvisation and composition dance around each other in an interlocked feedback loop. I have always wanted my composed music to emulate the spontaneity and unpredictability found in an exciting improvisation and my improvisations to have the inevitability and satisfying narrative arc that a well-structured composition possesses. These polarities are not mutually exclusive. This applies across the board, whether I’m composing for a symphony orchestra or solo guitar piece.

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Your First Song: From Idea to Production

It’s always exciting to hit upon a song idea which can be the next big sensation. But translating that idea into a song or an album can be a daunting task, especially if music production is new for you. In this article we will demystify the process of creating songs from scratch.

A song starts with either a catchy melody or a set of powerful lyrics. Then music is added to the song, the song is given a structure and then it is recorded and goes for final post production. Let us look at each of these processes in detail.

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How To Change Key Successfully In Your Music

Creating more energy or excitement in your music is important for making your songs more interesting to listen to. You can add more complex drum patterns, add more instruments or introduce more counter melodies.

Another method is to change key (modulate) and there are a couple of ways to achieve this.

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DATE CHANGED- The Rights Workshop Presents: Make Music, Make Money: Get Paid To Write Music 

Rights Workshop founder Brooke Wentz, who has 25 years of experience licensing music and hiring composers for films, television shows and brand campaigns, will deliver a crash course on music business basics for composers and songwriters. Guest speakers Marc Capelle and Monte Vallier, who have written music for brands like Macy’s, Adobe and Odwalla, and television networks like HBO/Cinemax and The Food Network, will speak about how to get gigs and successfully break into the business.

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