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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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When Running A Record Label, Don’t Forget To Budget For Recoveries

Nothing is more fulfilling than opening your record label, getting your artist in the studio, laying down some tracks and mastering your final project. You’ve gotten investors involved who really believe in your project as much as you do and they’re putting a significant amount of money behind your company for both production and marketing. The only uncomfortable part about the whole process is that they have accountants, business managers and financial gurus working for them behind the scenes and they need you to put together a budget

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The 7 Big Mistakes That Indie Musicians Make In Music Business - Mistake #1

The music business is a tough industry to succeed in. It is a prestige industry and having a position in the music business is highly sought after and positions in all aspects of the music business are few and far between. As an indie musician it is useful to understand what mistakes to avoid. So here are the 7 big mistakes that indie musicians make in music business according to Positively Music.

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BANDLOOT.COM - from musicians to musicians an app for band accounting

What started as a talk between co-workers at the company ”Earmaster” is now a free tool made by musicians, for musicians:

After a period of arguing with his band over financial confusion, an employee at Earmaster had an idea. An idea that his band – and everyone elses – could benefit from a tool to help keep the bandeconomy easy to handle. So after a talk during lunchbreak, a few co-workers started to develop an online app to keep tracks of the typical band finances. Who owes who, who payed for what, how much is left, etc.

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Electric Vans And Touring: Can You Afford 2 Cents Per Mile?

There are many large businesses taking advantage of 2 cents per mile with the use of electric vehicles, that is not a typo, one of the electric vehicle industries greatest bonuses is price per mile. The new electric vehicle industry will endevour to help bands of the future, but why are they not ready for us independents just yet? Simply put, due to the huge upfront costs of an electric van, you actually can not afford 2 cents per mile.


You may or may not as a musician have thought about these new propulsion methods. I am talking about electric vehicles, which are actually not so ‘new’. In the early 1900’s there were more electric cars registered on the roads of America then there were petrol cars. What does this mean today? Well with technology being trickled out to the possible consumers as slowly as possible it could mean a resurgence of the electric vehicle 100 years after they where first driven on the roads of America and beyond. What does this have to do with you your probably thinking. Electric vans are a part of this not so new technology which your band could utilize.

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