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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Springtime Practice: 4 Items You Need To Play Electric Guitar On Your Patio

It can be a true thrill to play tunes using your favorite electric guitar in the world. It can be especially exciting to play outdoors under the gentle glow of the sun’s rays. If you want to play your beloved electric guitar on your residential patio, then you need to invest in all of these things.

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How To Tune A Guitar The Most Precise Way

Tuning up a guitar is one of the most basic skills that many guitarists learn. If you start playing when your guitar is out of tune, you might not enjoy the notes. You need to know how to tune a guitar the right way so that you can get the best sound every time you play.

Tuning a guitar is simple and there are different methods that you can use. This guide will help you know how to tune an acoustic guitar. If you learn these methods, then you will have no problems tuning your guitar the right way.

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Evolution Of The Way We Consume Audio And Visual Data

Ever since Thomas Alva Edison made an experimental movie, videos came into being with movies being their most common and renowned implementation. Earlier, the videos used to be a state of the art, analog based technology.Soon came the digital video, implemented in the early 1990s. The videos had progressive interlacing and better definition.With the advancements in video technology, the world saw: digitized video: interactive video, real time video, streaming video. The real time video, and the streaming of videos to video a distribution infrastructure, all this is a part of AV over IP. The transmission of audio/visual data over a network such as LAN, WAN or Internet by making use of standard network equipment is called AV over IP.


The purpose of conventional A/V systems was the extension and switching of audio and video data. To be able to let users see and hear on the video and audio system, the source needs to be captured, moved, switched and displayed. An AV over IP infrastructure is a steaming infrastructure. In AV over IP, you have encoders, decoders and an IP switch just like a traditional AV setup has a transmitter, receiver and video switch.

The difference between a conventional AV and AV over IP is the facility of expandable switching. In the hardwired circuit based switching the transmission techniques used, was point to point. But with video over IP, the number of ports can be expanded almost indefinitely, depending on the network bandwidth. Since ,there are no limited number of sources attached to the IP switch, you can have as many as inputs and as many as outputs as the network allows.

AV over IP makes use of standards to for transmission on IP networks and compatibility with the IP switches. This facilitates interoperability between products from different vendors.

With the help of packet-based switching technology, the complication of distance as well as the limited number of sources is fixed.


Now with the help of AV over IP, audios and videos can be created, processed, compressed, and sent over any network circuit, following are the benefits of video over ip:

The AV over IP network has layers that provide enhanced command and control security with password permissions. The content can also be encrypted to prevent any unsanctioned access.

With AV over IP, the quality of the output be it an audio or a video is significantly improved.

Latency is a major issue in the digital signage. The issue of time lapse between audio and the displayed video is reduced by the compression algorithm used in high end AV over IP.

AV over IP can be easily installed in your existing network so the cost of separate cabling gets eliminated. Since the content can be dynamically altered remotely, there is no requirement for any party to physically move and change signage.

With the demand for more and more real time, AV over IP provides the much desired benefit of good quality video content , that can be customized remotely and has an easy installation process.


Evolution Of The Way We Consume Audio And Visual Data


Post-Show Procedures: 8 Things Every Band Should Do After the Performance

Do you have a post-show plan? Is there a set of procedures that you work on after each performance? Or, does your band simply work on the next upcoming event – the next show, the next rehearsal, time in the studio, etc.?

In almost every professional endeavor, there is some kind of routine or review period to measure performance or follow-up with customers:

  • In sports, the coach diligently sits down with the entire team to review footage of the previous game. Team member celebrate successes and most importantly, look for areas of improvement.

  • In corporate business, the board of directors and executive staff look over stock performance and make decisions to keep their shareholders satisfied.

  • In the arts, performers carefully review each element of the show to see what delighted audiences and what could use work.

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