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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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"Are you engaged?" from BRASH! A Music Marketing Blog

Getting involved with your following

When I speak of being engaged, in a Marketing perspective it doesn’t mean to “Put a ring on it”. As we all know, you can be engaged with people by becoming involved whether its in a business aspect or a relationship.  As an artist, you should want to have engaging conversations with your fans, interested media outlets, and industry professionals.  This will help you to expand your brand and exposure in the industry.

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BRASH! Presents Artists With A Chance To Shine

New addition to Music Marketing Blog highlighting artists

(ATLANTA, GA), Jan 31, 2012 - BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog, developed by Paina B Music Marketing, has now added a new element highlighting artists. The “Artist Spotlight” will give established as well as up and coming talent an opportunity to gain exposure to expand their brand. Each month, BRASH! will post, highlight, and give positive reviews for 1-2 artists. The goal of this new element is to provide a platform for quality artists.

Since this new addition to BRASH! was announced earlier this month, artists have been flooding Paina B Music Marketing’s email and social media sites to find out how they can have a chance to be on the site’s artist spotlight section. “The purpose of Paina B Music Marketing is to get quality artist to the forefront. Instead of making other media outlets take notice and provide features, why not take that step as well and give an additional outlet for exposure.”, says Paina B Music Marketing CEO/Founder, E. Alexcina Brown.

To sign up to be considered to be featured on BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog “Artist Spotlight”, send music links, bio, YouTube link to

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Creating A Buzz For An Album/EP Release

OK this is going to be a quick one.
I’m going to tell you 3 cool ways that can help fuel an album/EP release using your Facebook/fanbase. You should know by now the sheer power of social media marketing, and a few good online promotion tactics in place prior to your release can really make that important difference.
Remember this was thrown together quickly, so I have only included 3 tips, however, in the next few weeks I will be compiling a much larger list of online tactics that you can use to help get your music heard. Anyway, here is what I think is cool at the moment:

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Make A Name For Yourself Online 

While some people become a musician because they like music and love to play or sing, most do it because they also hope they’ll become famous. Of course, with millions trying, it’s difficult to be that special singer or band everyone is talking about. Nowadays though, getting noticed is much easier than even ten years ago. That’s because of the internet.

Using the internet, any musician can hit the big time, and sometimes overnight. You just have to come up with a plan, use the best social media and, of course, be prepared for a lot of hard work.

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Oct052011 - Tunnel Vision: Today's "Internet Entrepreneurs"

Clearly the Internet has transformed the manner in which music is promoted and presented to the public. Never has the relationship between art and money been so complex- I mean, who would have ever thought of the day we would see artists who use to sell 3-5 million records first week now struggling to hit Gold? (500k) I can assure you some of the biggest business guru’s were hit with a taste of reality when the Internets power would become somewhat of a overnight success.

Let us rewind- pretend it is 1999 (Good days right?) Billy Joel is given an award for his “inspired songwriting and exciting performances”, Britney Spears releases her debut album “Baby One More Time” (we all remember that video!) the Chili Peppers release Californication with John Frusciante and sell 13 mill worldwide and of course the debut of Hip Hop icon Eminem releases “The Slim Shady LP” - Great time in music right? Now, keep in mind Napster debut July 1998. What if Britney, the Chili Peppers and Eminem had the foresight to see the impact the internet would have and all decided to release their album digitally? What change would have been brought on if they embraced the idea of “internet entrepreneurship”? Do you think they would have been the megastars they are today? Or would would the Label say “Your crazy! This internet thing is a phase and it will pass! It’s like the Record…or like the 8 Track Player..or like the Cassette Tape…or like the CD”

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Entropic Strategies for Music Marketing : navigating the noise

While Entropic Strategist may merely be my own word to describe the style of scatter-storm marketing I use for myself and other artists, it’s a style that was proven in the business and startup world many times over long before the Wild West of the Music Industry we have today.

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Just When You Feel Like Throwing in the Towel - Don't!

If you are an original artist, of any kind, I’m sure there are times you get immense pleasure from what you do.  I’m sure there are other times when you get incredibly frustrated. And yet other times when you begin to doubt yourself.  It’s completely normal to compare yourself to what is already out there; but don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because the “established” art that is out there currently, and “liked” by the masses, is better than your work for that reason alone.  Or that your original work isn’t as good, because it doesn’t have thousands of fans, comments every few seconds, and invitations to large awards shows. 

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How long until Facebook is the New Myspace?

It’s been seven  years and Facebook has gone from a small, exclusive social network -  for college students only - to now being almost as ubiquitous as your driver’s license.  Everybody has it.  Even your grandparents.  But how much longer will Facebook last?  With the advent of Google +, which has started as an exclusive social network - by invite only - it’s appears that Facebook may have finally run its course. 

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Social Media Tools - Live Music Event Marketing

An overwhelming abundance of live show promotion tools, created a bit of a fatigue in the independent artist community. This is NOT one of those facebook apps which make your life difficult and clutter your profile. Thrillcall is the fastest growing live event database on the web. Their mission is to make sense of the live show data clutter on the web and provide live music fans with the best quality data out there. They have also accumulated a large knowledgebase of live event marketing Do’s and Dont’s. From this very knowledgebase comes their latest creation the Thrillcall Nucleus

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Music Career Interviews - Ariel Hyatt

This interview was originally posted on Chris Rockett’s Music Marketing Website

If you sniff around in music marketing for a while you will soon start to hear little whispers about the awesomeness of Ariel Hyatt. First it will be a YouTube video, then a blog post, and pretty soon you’ll be a fully fledged “Ariel Addict” shouting I don’t want to go to rehab.

An ode to Ariel: “Buy her books, read her blogs…go see her at a conference.”

Ummm…I can’t really think of anything to rhyme with conference, and to be honest I think the whole poem thing was a bad idea ;-)

But I’m just kind of excited…why?

Well so far I have read the interview below twice and my notebook is already full with new ideas, book recommendations, websites to visit and new musical strategies to implement. I can’t wait for you to start using this information so I’m going to shut up now and hand over the stage to the real first lady of music marketing.


- Chris

Quick Fire Questions

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Don't Get In Car Wrecks With Your Fans

Guilty admission. Yes, we’ve probably met before but I’m sorry, I don’t remember you. It happens often, so don’t take offense. But I can rap every word of I Like Big Butts like a champ. I’ve got my priorities. And so does everyone else. We’ve only got so much room in our brains. Things we consider relevant stick, everything else tends to float away. It’s efficent and helps our mind stay organized. (In fact, perfect memory is a miserable, horrible existence. Check this Radiolab episode about the man who couldn’t forget.)

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Episode 7: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast E-Commerce Solutions For Bands

Here we go folks, another edition of our weekly podcast featuring Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder and Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing.

This week’s topic? E-Commerce Solutions for Bands. 

We discuss everything from getting your music up on iTunes and the Amazon MP3 Store, in addition to options on how to handle your merchandise sales and email marketing campaigns.

What platforms are you using to sell your band’s music and merch?

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter 
here and Michael on Twitter here.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your own tips and tricks with us!

Brian Thompson

Thorny Bleeder


The Music Success Formula - Rough Cut

So I got the idea of creating a “back of the envelope” formula that will be a quick way to determine a band’s potential of “breaking through” to the next level, however they define it. This is the potential to be very useful to many musicians, but I need your help refining the idea. Please, poke holes in this so we can strengthen the idea!

What I’ve developed so far is based off the simple equation for force (force = mass X acceleration) except replacing the variables with things related to bands. It would measure, on a scale of 1 to 10, the band’s potential to reach their “fan goal” (which goes into the equation).

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Industry Benchmarks: Why the Music Industry Finishes Last

1. We are spoiled. Our fans are so passionate about music that we are used to them coming to us and spreading the word. It is simply not good enough to just flier for your shows or treat every fan in the same way.

2. Whose job is it? In most industries, there is a CMO or a Marketing Operations Manager. In the music industry, there are still unclear roles about who should do interactive marketing. Is it the band, the manager, the promoter, the label?

3. Who owns the fan? Who owns the lists? Is is the band, the label, the promoter ?

4. Bright Shiny Objects. We are always trying to be one step ahead of the curve. We have to have a facebook, a twitter, 4square, a great music video, awesome tour dates. ooo and whats that?! We are distracted! We have a ton on our plate and really need to focus on a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy.

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