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DIY DMCA Takedown Procedure

A free Do-It-Yourself guide on how to take your material down a copyright infringing website… Sometimes this is as simple as emailing a DMCA notice; but not always!

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Every time I write a post about the music “piracy” debate, I hope it will be my last post.  And every time, I am disappointed.  Seriously, people, when will we move past this discussion?  Since its inception, the music industry has fought innovation and technology (mind you, we are not alone in this) - from the piano roll to the radio.  And every time, during the battle, the industry shrinks - because it takes a lot of energy to fight change - and every time, post the battle, the industry grows larger than before.

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Feeding the Starving Musicians of Tomorrow

Music used to make millionaires. There was a time when Rock Stars were right up there with Russian Oil Oligarchs, a steady stream of champagne and cocaine trailing behind them as they traverse the globe on their private jets. Nowadays ‘rock stars’ are more commonly found lining the pavement leading up to the Job Centre. I know, I’m one of them. And whilst I, like most people, didn’t get into making music to be rich, as I sit and eat my Tesco Value beans on toast, I can’t help but ponder what the future holds for us all. So how did we get here? What went so wrong?

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Is music streaming less threatened by piracy?


This is rather a starting point for a debate than a post of knowledge.

I was wondering: There is a vast amount of piracy sites to download music and movies. There is also a vast amount of illegal movie streaming sites.

Why is there (almost) no illegal music streaming site? The only one coming to my mind is grooveshark but that’s basically it.

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Fighting Piracy Without Alienating Your Fans

Okay, so I know people’s view on combating or embracing album leaks goes all over the place.  But I thought I’d share with you the letters I’ve been sending with a good deal of success when it comes to download links.  Of course I find out where the download links are through Google Alerts.  I think the parts you’d need to change are obvious.

Here’s the letter I send to the site/blog where I find the link:


Subject: Thanks from Silber & Aarktica


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