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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Grammy-Winning Producer Don Sickler Launches The Newest Tool for Jazz Music 

 Don Sickler is no stranger to the jazz world. With over 30 years experience performing, arranging, producing, teaching and publishing he has seen this industry through the eyes of a musician and a businessman. He went on a quest to create a unique way to help musicians enhance their craft in the new digital age through the music of dedicated jazz artists. is the result of this quest: a resource for instrumental musicians, singers, and educators alike to find both new and old music from many of the greatest jazz composers of all time.

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Old Men to Pre-Teen Girls. Where Music Has Been And Where It's Going.

Let’s set some ground rules for music innovation to take place. Instead of swinging around in the dark hoping to hit something, let’s remember what happened before this moment.

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“I Need The Fuzziest Song You Have!” Do You Speak Muketing [Music + Marketing]?

“I Need The Fuzziest Song You Have!” Do You Speak Muketing [Music + Marketing]?

By Christopher Rucks | Music Dealers

This sounds ok, but, like….do you have anything more…fuzzy?

What…in the hell….is fuzzy?

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ICONventional Music Service

ICONventional aims to give rising artists a chance to be noticed while making it easier for listeners to discover new music. Our online service relies on user participation, both through submissions of great music and support for the artists.

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Kickstarter "It Has Begun..." Single & CG Music Video

We thought you guys might be interested. It’s a kickstarter created by my family making a song and CG music video called “It Has Begun” Check it out and let us know what you think! Here’s a picture from the project …

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In Wall Speaker Placement, Finding the Optimal Sound Field

Now that you’ve spent money on that 5.1 surround sound, you want to find the perfect place to put those speakers, and because you don’t want to take up any precious floor space, you have chosen to also buy In Wall Speakers. Taking the following five tips into consideration when placing a 5.1 channel speaker system can help you get a great-sounding home theater system experience.

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Your First Song: From Idea to Production

It’s always exciting to hit upon a song idea which can be the next big sensation. But translating that idea into a song or an album can be a daunting task, especially if music production is new for you. In this article we will demystify the process of creating songs from scratch.

A song starts with either a catchy melody or a set of powerful lyrics. Then music is added to the song, the song is given a structure and then it is recorded and goes for final post production. Let us look at each of these processes in detail.

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BRASH! Blog’s new additions

Music Marketing Blog expansions and additions and wants YOU to be involved

(July 16, 2013 – Atlanta, GA) - BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is constantly changing to stay innovative and ensuring its readers are getting a great experience with each post. To enhance user experience, BRASH! decided to make some additions to the blog site. The blog will continue its current format of music marketing blogs, PRs, and Artist Spotlight segments. However, new additions will include guest bloggers lending their expertise on music marketing topics, music festival/concert posts, Q & A segments with music industry insiders, and interviews with the monthly Artist Spotlight; instead of a bio/write up about the artist.

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Radionomy: Real Humans Making Real Online Radio

Radionomy, free user created internet radio giving you the tools to create, program and produce as many stations as you want with the ability to monetize your audience.

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Feed The Arts Introduces TIME Funding


NEW YORK, NY (June 4, 2013)— is forever changing the way art is funded by introducing its patent pending TIME FUNDING Model.  Time Funding is a cross between crowd funding and virtual rewards programs allowing fans to donate time instead of money.  Their time is what helps Artists get funded and allows funding of Creative Arts projects with fans earning virtual currency we call ?Helping Hands?.  Helping Hands are then turned around through an advertising revenue share and giving that currency to artists projects posted on the site.  This revolutionary model eliminates the risk of previous crowd funding and traditional funding models.

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Local San Diego Talent Goes Big Time

Do you think music defines an area? I do. I mean, certainly some would agree that the grunge scene of the early 90’s would be indicative of the perhaps gloomier surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Consider the soul-panged anthems that mimicked the gray skies and endless drizzle. You know, the ones that portrayed their youthful rejection of mainstream and sun-soaked America, preferring to venture off alone down an excessively flannelled and dismal path.

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Collaberation in Music Through a USB Drive

Ideas have the power to shape our world.  Many ideas are held on to and kept secret in fear that someone else will take them. When ideas are not freely shared they will only have one generation.


Ideas can be crafted in such a way that they can be shared, spread, and morphed by other people. This way the ideas begins to split into ever evolving fractals of the original.

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Before You Sign... 

What You Should Know Before You Sign the Deal can be found in this book…

Unlike any other book about the music business, “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!”,

this book is not a ‘puff piece’ about the glitz and glamour about the music business.

This book takes you on a journey from the excitement of having a music publishing contract with a major music publishing company to the legal battles that followed.

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Psychoacoustics: The Power of Sound

Every day, we hear a wide variety of sounds and noises that our brains must process for us so that we can make sense out of them. Some of these noises can be pleasant and others can be jarring. A nice piece of classical music can be soothing, but if your dog starts barking in your ears, then you might lose that soothing feeling. Psychoacoustics is basically the study of these psychological and physiological interactions with sound. Obviously, the way a sonata makes us feel is entirely different than the way Rover’s yap makes us feel.

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