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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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Rotten Apple

As Apple kicked off it’s June 30th launch of the revamped Apple Music Service (Beats music), there were many kinks and controversies along the way. The controversy was that Apple was not planning to pay artists for the 3-month trial period of the service. Many artists spoke up against not being paid for the use of their streamed songs in the 3-month trial period. Many artists threatened Apple to pull their music from the streaming service all together. Artist and activist Taylor Swift took to Tumblr in a letter stating that she was speaking on the behalf of her fellow musicians who were hesitant to speak out against the tech giant.

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BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog

BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is designed to provide artists with knowledge of music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the Music Industry. The goal of BRASH! is to provide a different point of view on specific topics along with providing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors. This blog also give Indie Artists a chance to gain press by highlighting/featuring them with an exclusive interview in the “BRASH! Artist Spotlight” segment. Readers will have the ability to provide feedback as well as subscribe to interact and stay informed.

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Musicians: Free Health Care Consultations Available Now

Are you and your team set up with ObamaCare yet?

Sure, it’s something we’ve been talking about ever since the launch of the initially problematic website. However, if you are a musician or represent musicians, DO NOT stop reading. It could end up costing you.

For musicians, it’s a matter of getting in touch with the right people, asking the right questions, and getting the right advice to avoid the unnecessary expense. Enter:

The organization has been running steady for 10 years, and started out as a platform to help register voters for the 2004 presidential election. Since then, they have successfully organized many socially conscious initiatives such as #SoundOff, a Twitter platform that allows anyone to tweet directly at Congress and create an open dialogue with lawmakers, nationally-broadcasted PSAs, and much more. Simply put, their mission is to promote participation and democracy through music.

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KBrakes, KBrakes Stop the Drummers Kick Drum from Sliding

Developed for the modern working drummer, KBrakes stop your kick drum from sliding. No matter where you are - on stage, in studio or garage - each anchor features 256 stopping points per side and locks your kick drum firmly in place. Capable of rotating a full 180°, KBrakes lay perfectly flat and can stay attached to your drum while being packed in its case. This unique design fits 99% of modern and vintage drum spurs and is “low profile”, making them blend with the rest of your kit. With a total of 512 stopping points, KBrakes is the most dynamic and powerful kick drum anchor in the world. Visit for more information.

Jul282013 and FREE TIME Funding

- is a new website introducing a way to raise money for Artists of all kinds (musicians, actors, writers, painters, etc.) using a new trade marked platform called Time Funding.
- Time Funding is a concept using virtual currency people earn on our website to fund artists’ projects (recording, marketing help, art supplies, publishers and more).  Think crowd funding without having to donate actual money.  Fans can come to our site and play games, watch videos, clip coupons and earn virtual currency called “Helping Hands”.  They can then turn around a donate those helping hands to any Artist registered to our site.  It’s free for everyone—Artists, Fans and Service Providers.  Artists no longer have to beg for money to buy those new guitar strings or pay for head shots.  They can raise the money to reach their goal at

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Versatility. A Recipe for Making Money. $$$

To be? Or not to be? That is the question.” Is it important to be a jack of all traits, or a one trick pony? Well, that immediate answer is up to you. Nobody can tell you what you want from your creative profession. There is one pervasive fact though. Versatility is most definitely a recipe for making money.

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Justin Bieber: Controversies and Fame

We have seen Justin Bieber bloomed from a little musician until he became a grown up man today. This 19-year old boy has come so far since he had his debut album in 2009. Right now, he had come so far. His popularity is not mainly because he is one good young singer. All the controversies that surround him also play a vital part of making him more of a sensation.

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10 Steps Ever Artist Must Take to Promote Their Tour

Do you have a tour or one-off show coming up? Let’s talk about how to promote it.

Now, I understand that there are many debates on where the responsibility of promoting lies (some argue the venue/promoter, some argue the artist). Those debates aside, let me say this: the time and money that goes into strategically promoting your shows will always provide a good return on investment. Who doesn’t want to gain a reputation as a hard-working artist willing to do nearly whatever it takes to make the show a success?

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Paina B Music Marketing is asking Indie Artists and Indie Labels….Who handles your marketing?

Music Marketing Company looking for new clients to “Promote to the next level”

(ATLANTA, GA), August 1, 2012 – Paina B Music Marketing is launching a new campaign “Who handles your marketing?” in hopes to recruit indie artists and labels to promote to the next level. This company is looking to take on new clients to provide quality marketing services to them in hopes gain exposure in the entertainment industry. Launched in December 2010, Paina B has worked with pop, rap, and R&B artists in providing ways to enhance their brand according to the artists’/label’s goals and objectives.

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Why Learning To Read Music Will Enhance Your Success

Many musicians who have entered the big leagures within the industry have long claimed that they have no knowledge of general music theory; that the creation of their music is contingent upon a emotional context. Consider the eclectic guitarist, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, most known for his work with the progressive-rock group The Mars Volta. He claimed complete ignorance of theory, saying that the work comes within. This is a very ideal and perhaps romanticized way of self-perceiving yourself as an “artist” rather than musician. Fact is, it is rather unwise to go by this, since the yielding results are simply non-dependable. 

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Connecting Musicians

Here is an important initiative that you might like to join and share with friends ♪. is a new website that enables musicians to plot themselves on a shared map of the world and connect. It sounds quite simple but it’s actually very effective, and it’s free!

In our first few weeks on-line 100’s of musicians have already made their mark on the map, many of whom are in search of a teacher or local ensemble.

Join us at to find out more about the musicians in your community.


Kahne (Violin)

Founding Director @

A musicians initiative. Developed by musicians, for musicians.

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App for Musicians to create Setlists

Gigster - Setlists at your fingertips

With this great iPhone-App you can:

Create, play and share setlists for gigs and shows as a band, individual artist, manager or fan.

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Who are the Highest Earning Musicians in the UK & US and How Do They Impact the Economy?

A few days ago I wrote a post over on Canpages about how Justin Bieber, Drake, and Chris Brown represent a whopping 7% of Canada’s whole music economy, which as a figure is a staggering $107,000,000 a year. I thought it would also be quite interesting to look at who has the biggest impact on the music economy here in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

The UK is home to three of the current highest earning artists in the world: U2, Elton John, and Paul McCartney, who collectively earn a massive $362,000,000 a year (it slightly dwarfs Justin Bieber’s $53,000,000!)


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Musicians Takeout - Online resources for all musicians

Musicians Takeout was created by musicians for all musicians. People of all ages and musical diversities are able to benefit from the resources we have presented on our website. Musicians Takeout was launched December of 2010 with the intension to compile useful tools, lessons and information for the benefit of all musicians.