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What Bands Should Know About the Myspace Relaunch

If you haven’t received a notice or saw the posts, Myspace has relaunched with an all-new look. I found my email invitation in the spam folder. So what does this star-studded relaunch mean for musicians?

Probably nothing.

Myspace has tried multiple times to resurrect itself, though it was unsuccessful each time. We’ll see if Justin Timberlake and loads of money can make it work this time.

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Viacom Takes Another Stab With Artists.MTV

So Viacom Buys Myspace for $500+ billion and pawns it for $35 million…

Turns MTV into a reality pop network. What’s up Snookie, 16 and Pregnant and Jersey Shore?  Need I say more?

Buy’s B.E.T. and kills off my favorite show, Rap City. The only video show remaining is the “black” version of TRL: 106 and Park. 

Now It wants to create another version of Myspace with Artists.MTV.

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Attention Musicians: Please Stop Using Myspace!

 Musicians and independent record labels:  As a music reviewer and internet radio station operator, I have a heartfelt plea.  Please, please stop sending links in your press kits to your Myspace page.  As a reviewer, I often receive  dozens of submissions every day.  That means I have a lot of artists to choose from, since I only publish a few reviews every week.  With all that selection, do you really think I am going to try to listen to your music on a website where I am constantly bombarded with music players that don’t play, assaulted with pop up ads, and tortured with pages that take forever to load?  Quite honestly, I am going to simply skip over the press kit with the Myspace link, and review somebody that provides links to one of the numerous quality websites designed especially for musicians, such as ReverbNation, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud.  Myspace seems to be run by 5 year olds, and greedy, incompetent five year olds at that.  To any musician that wants to convey a sense of professionalism, I would recommend that the only thing one should post on their Myspace page is a link to an actual functioning website where fans and reviewers can have an enjoyable and simple listening experience.


Matt Hundley is a musician and creative director of


Why you need to be on Google Plus now

The music blogs lately have been wallowing in pessimism about the new social network from Google. The general line of thought seems to be that Google + is yet another added burden along with Twitter, Facebook, that old website called Myspace, etc. However, Google Plus has several features that no other website or social network offers.

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Where's The Music?

As an unsigned act you’re probably no stranger to spamming an industry pro’s inbox with “check out my band” links.  There are always better ways to go about this, but for the most part we welcome the opportunity to discover and listen to new talent.  The problem is often FINDING THE MUSIC, once we click the link!

Myspace is the most linked to music page in these requests. Unfortunately, this dying network seems much slower and clunkier than it once was. It often takes more time than we’ve allotted to try and listen to a Myspace band.  Making matters worse, are the bands with huge headers and/or numerous graphics, animations, and embedded Youtube videos, not to mention the new Myspace ad structure.

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Musicians: Get Your Facebook Page Done Right

Today artists, bands, labels, even promoters do their marketing on Facebook. Technology has become “social” and social media can create unforeseen opportunities as a communication, distribution and sales channel. It is not easy to figure out how all this works despite there being millions of social media “consultants” and wanna-be gurus. A lot of knowledge is needed, especially in technology, design (not decoration), psychology and social science. If this expertise is lacking, misunderstandings can happen easily and the potential is wasted.

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Facebook and Pages

Facebook is the dominant social network in today’s world; the site allows musicians to fully harness the power of the social graph. What? Well, I mean Facebook friends. Why? Because music is a very social vertical. You would rarely go to a concert alone. If you like a song, it is very likely you will share this experience.

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'BandPage' On Facebook; Is This What Will Replace MySpace?!

MySpace, once the best place for anything music related. If you wanted to hear audio from your favourite musician or discover up and coming talent, MySpace was the place to go.

These days however, MySpace is full of musicians promoting to each other. And that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it led more sales, but the truth is most of the people on MySpace are only in it for themselves. The ‘real people’, the potential fans, have more or less all left, choosing to instead use the multimillion pound social networking website Facebook.

Those forward thinking musicians instantly jumped onto the Facebook train, hoping to pick up fans with their newly set up ‘Facebook fan page’. But while Facebook has allowed musicians to create their own fan pages from near the beginning, it’s never been a complete music solution… That is until now!

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