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TIMING: An Important Aspect Of Promotions For Rappers

Not only do you need to time your release date so that your marketing and promotions won’t get over shadowed by larger, popular, superstar artists (promoting against releases by Jay Z, Kanye, and Lil Wayne will most likely diminish your efforts), but you need to make certain all of your marketing lands around the same time for your artist’s promotions.

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5 Tips for Promoting Your Music

How To Promote Yourself Online

1.  Set-up An Email List 

It surprises me how many artists still do not gather emails from their friends. I have talked to many artists who just lead people to their Facebook page for likes, without realizing that they don’t have complete control over who see’s their posts. Email lists are important because it allows you to reach fans directly, and update them on anything that you have going on whether it’s a tour, new album, or your if your just wanting to get feedback. Setting up an email list is easy, you can sign up for Mailchimp which is free for the first 2,000 subscribers. Mailchimp also has an analytics system so you can track the success of different email campaigns that you are running.


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A Lesson in Music Industry Success Prevention.

If your ship came in, would you be smart and frugal enough to ship out on it or simply shit on it? Let’s keep in mind how hard it is to monetize music these days…

If a recording artist could invest $1000 to make between $10K and $70K in 4 months, would he turn it down? Even if you could invest $1000 for the following exposure for your debut CD, with no real guesstimates on download sales, would you turn it down?

Here’s one recording artist who did.

What would you have done if such an offer, like the one briefly described above, dropped out of the sky nine months after you:

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Promotional Tool Idea

With street marketing being one of our most popular services, we’re continually asked for new promotional tools which grab the attention of potential fans here at The Syndicate. The item needs to be eye-catching,  pocket or purse-friendly, needs to make people act, and ideally, is trackable. Not many physical promo items have all of these aspects, but one has solutions to address all of these, and because of that, we end up using and recommending Dropcards. Often.

For example, we’ve used them in many street marketing campaigns, such as Tropicana’s “Rescue the Rainforest” campaign with Cool Earth, where we used FSC- and SFI-certified cards and had Dropcards print unique codes on them for people to redeem to save their own area of the rainforest.  Twin Atlantic, a band from Scotland on Red Bull Records, also used the seeded cards to promote their album “Vivarium” with a code to redeem a free song, unique videos, and other information about the band.

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Get It Together (or what the music industry can learn from Chanel)

The experience that your audience has is the most important thing to focus on. If you are a promoter you have to figure out how you are going to give them the best experience. If you are a band you are going to play your best and give your fans the best experience you are capable of. If you are a DJ you are probably going to get requests. If you are a nice person, you are going to play those requests if you can because it will give that person who asked to hear Lady GaGa or Beyonce a good experience.  

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“Direct-to-Fan Live Sessions” via Audiolife and Ustream

The next gen music biz music keeps rolling out new opportunities for musicians to creatively pursue new revenue streams: To take advantage of this you need to talk to your fans, ask for ideas, get them involved, interact as much as possible as I mentioned in a previous post. (See Marketing is everything - Let me show you how!) Here’s a great example of someone who is doing just that using Audiolife and Ustream…..

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