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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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THESTAGE.TV ANNOUNCES THE NEW SPOTLIGHT PLAYER, “the World’s OPEN MIC”, today announced the availability of its new Spotlight Player, the first video player that lets audience members donate money, buy music and share performances of their favorite artists – all within a video player that artists can place anywhere on their website or social media fanpage.

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Social Media Tools - Live Music Event Marketing

An overwhelming abundance of live show promotion tools, created a bit of a fatigue in the independent artist community. This is NOT one of those facebook apps which make your life difficult and clutter your profile. Thrillcall is the fastest growing live event database on the web. Their mission is to make sense of the live show data clutter on the web and provide live music fans with the best quality data out there. They have also accumulated a large knowledgebase of live event marketing Do’s and Dont’s. From this very knowledgebase comes their latest creation the Thrillcall Nucleus

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How Do YOU Fit Into Culture? or... Content Marketing: Finding Your Niche 

How Do You Fit Into Culture? Not your band. Not your music. YOU. The individual behind the music. You are unique. You have individual tastes, interests, passions, and hobbies. Now… think for a moment. If you were to talk about a diverse subject matter on your blog (rather than just your music), and in your videos, in your photos, and in your tweets… you can attract an entirely new audience, which you never thought you could have access to.

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Episode 5: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Social Media Etiquette

Here it is folks, this week’s episode of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast, with your hosts Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder and Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing

This week’s discussion is about Social Media etiquette on Facebook and Twitter, along with some additional tips and tricks to help take you to the next level of engagement and interactivity with your followers and fans.

Episode 5 Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Social Media Etiquette by MichaelBrandvoldMarketing

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter here and Michael on Twitter here.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your own tips and tricks with us!

Thanks for listening, see you again next week!



Interview with Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder Records

If this were a bio on Twitter, it would be short and sweet: “Music biz entrepreneur, artist manager, marketing guru, strategist, consultant, speaker, blogger & web designer.”

“Today, my goal is to find the best unsigned, independent artists and deliver their music to the world. I develop careers, facilitate business connections, negotiate deals, present opportunities, and consult on marketing and branding initiatives. I distribute music to record stores and digital download sites, chase down radio stations for airplay, and execute press and publicity campaigns. I preach about the power of the blog, social media marketing, and how new technologies can make your music heard. I understand the music business, the needs of an artist, the desires of a music fan, and the essential tools needed to help artists realize their goals.

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Indie Artists: Keep Your Social Media Profiles Unified

We receive many submissions from independent artists and bands who want to be featured, but they leave out important information about their projects. So we research their website, blogs and social media profiles to see if we can put the missing pieces together in a timely matter.

Unfortunately, we regularly find that bands are inconsistent with updating their social network accounts. Their websites offer outdated information or just don’t offer the basic information a fan or news/feature writer would be looking for.

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The Breakdown on iTunes Ping: What it means for Artists and How it compares to Cloud-Based Services

In Apple’s Keynote last week, they launched a much needed upgrade to iTunes that includes social integration.

Much like current sites Rdio and, iTunes is finally getting a social overhaul that will transform iTunes into a music discovery social network called Ping. You can now “follow” your friends to see what they are listening to and share recommendations - all without leaving iTunes.

Initial reports indicate that Ping only displays data for albums purchased, NOT listening data. If true, this is a big disappointment from Apple’s latest social endeavor. If Ping only displays what albums your friends purchase off the iTunes store, they are missing out on a huge a

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Conversations about whether musicians should use social networks tend to be completely polarised, and usually take no account of the fact that there are about as many different motivations for writing music as there are people writing it.

In this recent article, we see Universal Music suggesting that they are disinclined to work with acts who aren’t knee-deep in social media tech…

“There may be some indie hipper-than-thou artists who want to let the music speak for itself. They are probably not for us. We believe an artist has a responsibility to communicate with their audience…We embrace the world of technology and the vast improvements in communication”.

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4 Social Media Resources You May Not Know

We all spend so much time on the same sites that we sometimes never venture out to sites that are not on our day-to-day list, and we miss some really good nuggets of new information. I try to to make it my duty to check out some of the tech sites to see what’s new out there. This week I put together a small list of some awesome social media resources that may be new to you, that can help with streamlining your social media efforts

  1. Facebook Username

Facebook Username allows you to now create a Vanity URL for your Facebook Fan Page that you can use instead of the long words/numbers URL that Facbook automatically churns out.

Just login to your Facebook account and click this URL and it will take you to the page where you can create your

Just makes it much easier to send a smaller URL to someone than a bulky longer one

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'BandPage' On Facebook; Is This What Will Replace MySpace?!

MySpace, once the best place for anything music related. If you wanted to hear audio from your favourite musician or discover up and coming talent, MySpace was the place to go.

These days however, MySpace is full of musicians promoting to each other. And that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it led more sales, but the truth is most of the people on MySpace are only in it for themselves. The ‘real people’, the potential fans, have more or less all left, choosing to instead use the multimillion pound social networking website Facebook.

Those forward thinking musicians instantly jumped onto the Facebook train, hoping to pick up fans with their newly set up ‘Facebook fan page’. But while Facebook has allowed musicians to create their own fan pages from near the beginning, it’s never been a complete music solution… That is until now!

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Facebook Has Fan Pages: Use Them!

Here at Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC we currently represent 320 independent musicians, offering free promotion. There are currently way too many artists today not utilizing social media the right way to promote their music. Facebook has had fan pages for close to 2 years now so don’t represent your band under a “personal” profile. Take a look at the reasons why it is not beneficial to build your music recognition on Facebook through a personal page.

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Is the RIAA to blame for reinforcing music piracy? 

I want to be completely upfront before you continue reading. This is my first post, and i do want to share a new technology that we launched today of which i am a co-founder. I do promise one thing, if you continue reading you will form your own opinion (whether you agree with me or disagree). However, i believe i have a radical alternative to piracy which we have been developing for the last 2 years. I believe being transparent comes first & foremost, that’s why right now, or forever hold your peace, i offer anyone not interested in reading about our new website, the opportunity to stop reading. If you’ve decided to continue reading, great. Let’s begin…  I want to make it very clear, this blog post does not touch on everything, otherwise it would be a thesis.  This is a quick deconstruction and reconstruction of how the RIAA brought down the self-inflicting hammer upon itself!

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Rock The Biz - Sneak Preview livestream today 08.00 pm (CET)

Rock The Biz - the documentary about the new music business in Europe - can bee seen first and live on at 08.00 pm (CET)

The movie has english subtitles

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Music Marketing DIY - Amanda Palmer tells All

Recently Hypebot readers, myself included were able to put questions to indie artist Amanda Palmer about here approach to DIY promotions. The interview took place on November 19th at The State Theatre in Falls Church VA. Jim McDermott (a former major label digital and artist development guy) hosted this special event.

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