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SongCat™ Forges Ahead With New Alliances: Partners With Grammy-Winning Engineer Miles Walker and the Annual ‘International Songwriting Competition’

Groundbreaking song demo and music production studio assists songwriters & musicians in delivering radio-ready tracks

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Launching of Songwriter Connect to Help Talented Songwriters Worldwide

Songwriter Connect has been launched, with this platform already having several members who are successful songwriters with top hits in the US and Canada. Slots are filling fast as the platform will only be accepting 500 members.

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A Few Tips To DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Income At A Gig

Most musicians and/or bands don’t realize the financial opportunities available to them at a gig.They incorrectly assume that the fee they receive is their only income. The problem is… that fee can be incredibly low or nonexistent at some venues.

That being said, how can you actually make money? The obvious answer is product! But… just having product “available” does not guarantee sales.

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10 Best Kept Songwriting Secrets w/Hit Songwriter Alex Forbes

Calling all up-and-coming songwriters!!! Are you interested in taking your craft to the next level?

On July 24th at 7:30pm EST, you’ll have a rare (and FREE) opportunity to learn and interact with a hit songwriter about the “10 Best-Kept Secrets of Songwriting.”

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Songwriters from around the world will participate in the first “IC Virtual Songwriter Showcase”, an online music industry gathering from Sept. 21-22, 2013 (Saturday-Sunday).

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How To Change Key Successfully In Your Music

Creating more energy or excitement in your music is important for making your songs more interesting to listen to. You can add more complex drum patterns, add more instruments or introduce more counter melodies.

Another method is to change key (modulate) and there are a couple of ways to achieve this.

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Make Money From Your Music - Songwriter Royalties

Making money from your music.

All those hours spent working out tunes on the guitar, or those long nights in front of the computer finishing your hip-hop track. You obviously enjoy making music, but you would like to see some financial reward for your effort. We all know making money is hard work, but this article looks at songwriter royalties and some of the issues you need to be aware of.

If you are a songwriter and wish to earn money from your songs then you will most likely need to sign an agreement with a publisher.

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Practical Music Theory

There’s some debate among musicians and songwriters about the value of learning music theory. At one extreme are those who feel that learning a set of “rules” will only limit their creativity, and at the other end are those who are truly interested in understanding how the parts of a musical piece work together.
Both extremes have some validity to their viewpoints, but they ARE extremes – most people fall somewhere in the middle. They see the value in knowing more than they do, but may be intimidated by the topic or may not see the value in knowing about it.

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5 Keys To Writing A Good Song

Another day has blown by and I still haven’t put my pen to paper. There was a time that melodies and hook lines rolled through my brain like a roller coaster on a daily basis. Now they are much less frequent and probably due to my cautiousness of words. Yes the number of songs I write these days are fewer than in the past. But it isn’t the quantity, it’s the quality that counts anyway. Here’s a couple of tips on writing a song that I picked up along the way.

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Is Real Country Music Dead, Or Just Sleeping?

Yes, the face of country music has changed.

Yes, at the moment that face may be 16 years old. And, yes, maybe adolescent dollars have been waging a battle for control of country-music airwaves and concert-tour bookings.

Still, is this proud genre — which probably would try to reject George Jones and Loretta Lynn if they were coming up today — IS traditional country music doomed?

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Record Production is Like Baking a Cake: The Hierarchy of Reaching Full Potential [GRAPHIC]

So what does baking a cake have to do with record production? It’s a helpful analogy that will help you plan how much time, effort, and expenses to devote to the different aspects of record production. Before proceeding to the next step, always be completely happy with the current phase. Continuing the process after the fact will limit your full potential as many issues cannot be corrected at a later stage.

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Top 9 Song Pitching Platforms

Many musicians fail to achieve success in the music industry due to lack of “follow through”. The simple act of following through on a few crucial things can make all the difference.

Going round in circles

I used to lack follow through. I’d write song after song but rarely send it to anyone in the industry. Was it laziness, fear of rejection or simply being too focused on my next musical creation? Too be honest I don’t know, but whatever the answer, the non action resulted in stagnation of my music career without me even realising it. I was busy writing songs, working hard and pushing forward, but in reality I was simply going round in circles.

I now view music “creation” as a form of preparation and nothing more. The real job is to send my work to the industry and get their thoughts and literally expose my music more. Shifting my focus in this way means I am able to follow through with each song I write.

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Machine Man the Movie Songwriting Competition

Check out this great opportunity to submit for a great cause!

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Swiss Cheese And Toilet Paper

At least once a week I get a CD of an aspiring artist handed to me. I’m convinced Starbucks is the music and business hub of Nashville. I really try to make an effort to listen to everything that I receive. After all, I know first hand from the last fifteen years how hard being an independent musician can be.  You never know, that blank disc with the band name scribbled in mint green marker just might be the next Coldplay.

Ninety-nine percent of the time the CD is sonically not up to par (this is my nice way of saying absolutely freaking terrible!) and there are always basic song writing mistakes spread through out. Now if you had stopped reading here you would walk away thinking there is no hope and that Blake guy is a total jerk. But wait, there is hope! This is the point where we all sit back, take a deep breath, take a sip of our favorite coffee, and address the issue of why working with a producer is so important.

A friend of mine once told me about when he fell into an opportunity to work at a small

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