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Samsungs Milk Music moves to wearable tech

Milk music is an Internet streaming service that is exclusive to Samsung smartphones—that is, until now. Today, Samsung announced that it is expanding its service to Web TV and wearable tech. As John Pleasants, vice president of Samsung Media Solutions Center of America, states, this will transform Milk Music into a “big-screen jukebox for the 21st century home.” So what can you do with Milk Music?

Listen on Your Smartphone

Since its launch in March, Samsung smartphone owners have been able to download Milk Music from Google Play. You don't need to sign up or do anything else before you can start streaming music, claims Engadget. A sweet deal co

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To Stream or Not to Stream: Pro and Cons

Everyone has heard so much hoopla about streaming and subscription services. Everyone has also heard of Lady Ga Ga . Well, here’s an article every musician needs to read

Lady Ga Ga had over a million spins on Spotify and was paid a whopping $167.00. So who does streaming benefit? It sure isn’t the artists who make the music. Spotify claims it’s loosing money. Since the inception of streams and subscription services, labels and artists have watched their digital income plummet into the toilet. Anyone know a good plumber to retrieve all those “would have been” downloads?

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Like Boiler Room but in Barcelona - MOVA live

We’re proud to announce MOVA live, a brand new streaming audio/video platform based in Barcelona. We’re focused in new local talents and international residents at Gaudi’s City.

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Is music streaming less threatened by piracy?


This is rather a starting point for a debate than a post of knowledge.

I was wondering: There is a vast amount of piracy sites to download music and movies. There is also a vast amount of illegal movie streaming sites.

Why is there (almost) no illegal music streaming site? The only one coming to my mind is grooveshark but that’s basically it.

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So Now Spotify is The Enemy?

We are in a day where the choice is yours. No one is obligated in using particular services or products. Believe it or not I own no Apple products. I was given a 4gb iPod shuffle as a gift one year. I lost it about a month or two later. I went out, bought an 8gb memory card, loaded up my blackberry with music and never looked back. Sure the commercials and other marketing campaigns for Apple looked and continues to be great, but at the end of the day I have a choice. I say this to say, I don’t understand why artists & music industry personnel continue to lash out at Spotify. As I tweeted earlier today, if a download is .99, how much do you expect to get from a stream? That’s not Spotify’s fault. They didn’t create streaming, they just created a great model to capitalize off it.

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Stormy Weather: Does Cloud Computing have a license to kill the music industry?

Piracy was what the (now dormant) SOPA bill was all about, and was never far from anyone’s lips at MIDEM this year. But bored of the same tired arguments against piratebay, bittorent sites and the infamous Megaupload, the industry has turned its attention to those who actually do stay on the right side of the law

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Why People Buy or DON'T Buy Music

With much debate surrounding streaming services and file-sharing sites, I brainstormed reasons why people still buy music in 2012. Although scarcity is a factor, it was omitted because theoretically once music is digitized it is vulnerable to mass sharing. Also, although there are many opinions about the overall quality of music being unworthy of purchase these days, but I believe that goes without saying.

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Let's get real about streaming!

Okay streaming is here and very soon Joe + Jane Doe consumer will know all about it. The majority, as some predict, are honest and will subscribe to a service paying a minimal monthly fee. And they’ll love how cheap music is for them to get. 

But who gets the money? Labels and songwriters are the beneficiaries of the royalties paid, but it hardly compares to revenue generated from sales. And what about Johnny and Jeannie who are the non-writing part of the band and get two points each from the group’s record deal? They are screwed! 


Sharing, Streaming and P2P -- The Death of Our Internet's 'Hippie' Era

It was too good to be true. You always knew it. Millions of songs, movies, books, etc., all up for grabs, all of the time. We used to think, ‘Oh they won’t catch me— they may catch the sophomore college fool who seeds hundreds of torrents, but not me.’ Now they won’t have to.

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Winner Takes All - If We Let Them

What is this weary feeling I get when I read so much of the commentary around at the moment about music streaming, and the replacement of the desire to own music with the ‘ease of access’? It’s not just about the fact that the easy access to a vast ocean of music leads to choice paralysis and a lack of involvement and appreciation. It’s that there seems to be this big push towards paying a subscription for an ‘all you can eat’ style streaming service … ONE service … whichever one wins the battle for hearts and minds, or should we say ears and wallets.

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The Virtual Tour, Parts II and III (OR: Keep Your Studio Slippers On!)

To successfully promote your music you need to be able to influence potential listeners from all across the web. A new and potentially effective method of increasing the recognition of your music, influencing new listeners and spreading the awareness of you, as a band or musician, is to set up a virtual tour.

In this article we look at why you should be setting up a virtual music tour, how to find blogs to host your tour and how to get the most out of the experience. In the final paragraph I share a trick that has proved to be a very powerful way of encouraging listeners to interact and leave blog comments.

What Is A Virtual Tour?

The basic structure of a virtual tour is a collection of different types of web/blog posts, hosted on a number of different sites/blogs, all promoting your band and/or music. A simple example: the tour might be six different blogs to each post about your band/music, each posting on six consecutive days. Another example might be four different blogs, one standard website, and an announced and date specified new video post on your youtube channel, over a one week period.

The idea behind a virtual tour is that the musician/band has a chance to influenc

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