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Maintaining Your Vocal Skills

If you aren’t taking steps to protect and enhance your vocal capability there’s a good chance that these tips can ensure you perform at the highest level you’re capable of. Your first wise career move could’ve been to start reading this article!

What you drink is important - Water and warm tea

What you drink impacts heavily on the state and readiness of your voice. Water being one of the primary component building blocks of our bodies (around 60%) is necessary to staying hydrated and keeping your throat in healthy shape. Ideally if you’re male, you should be having about 3 litres of fluids a day or 2.2 if you are female. Cutting out fizzy drinks that are full of sugar is another great step you can take towards vocal health and durability, it should also be a relatively pain free and easy adjustment to make, especially considering the availability of water in comparison.

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Record Any Vocals Lately? Read This.

Audio engineering and production is an art and one of the most technically demanding areas of the art is vocal recording. Vocal performance recording - on a general level - is taught in recording and engineering programs of most colleges and universities, around New York and California. I learned some useful information from the Institute of Audio Research, however what I am about to share with you came from painstaking hours in the school of hard- knocks.

The human voice is naturally forward and present to our hearing system. And the equal loudness contours show us that we hear the human voice three to four times louder than the greater part of the human hearing spectrum.

This is important because in a musical production, the human voice not only tells the story of the song, by communicating the emotions and sentiment through language and other expressions, but it naturally wants to be heard above all else because of its frequency range. To get the best sounding vocal recording, a producer or engineer must start with the vocal performance.

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