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Ten in Ten: New music industry poll launches 08.02.11

Horace Trubridge, MU Assistant General Secretary, says: ‘Although we can guess, none of us know what the next ten years will do to the music industry – that’s why Music Supported Here will be launching Ten in Ten. The concept is simple. Ten questions that will be answered by experts from the music industry – musicians, fans, managers, labels etc – to give an overall picture of what we think is going to happen.

“Will illegal downloading become less of a problem? Will recording contracts be fairer? Will there be less new talent emerging? None of us can really be sure of what 2021 holds for the music industry, but we think that the opinions of thousands of people who live and breathe the music industry will produce some pretty accurate predictions’.

The Ten in Ten online poll is due to launch on the 08.02.11 and invites will be sent out to 1,000’s of people within the music industry. Ten in Ten results will be released on 18.03.11 at a launch party in London that will be followed by a live panel to discuss the results. The panel will be made up of key music industry figures giving their opinion on the results of the Ten in Ten poll, taking questions from the audience and via a live Twitter feed.

Feargal Sharkey, CEO UK Music, says: ‘The poll asks some vital and complex questions, I look forward to seeing the results’.

For updates follow us on Twitter @musiciansrights using #10in10poll

More details coming soon.

The Team,
Music Supported Here

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