The Box
December 30, 2011
Marco in Creativity, behyped, creativity

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Working ‘outside of the’ box is what people at large nameless organisations do - outside the box in this case is still in the iron cage anyway.

Work inside your box.

Don’t work outside the box, outside the box is infinite choice, and nothing ever gets done, outside the box is every possibility known to man - it overwhelms.

The box is a deadline, a constriction of any shape or form. A border that says - you must do this right now within these boundaries.

‘Outside of the box’ suggests ideas come from nowhere and become instant genius. Great ideas are the ones constantly fermenting in our mind over time, waiting to be paired up with others, perhaps during a conversation with friends (the ‘click’ thing’).

Grabbing outside the box all the time means constantly jumping ship, constantly searching for the next great thing. Great things never come from nothing. Isaac Newton had gravity in mind years before the apple hit his head.

The box is where we accumulate inspiration and the various other things that have resonated with us all our years up to this point.

They resonate with us for a reason.

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