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The impact that blogging has had on my music career

I’ve had my own domain and website since  2010.  I had a regular tempate and the purpose of my site was really just to have a place where you can listen to my music. I didn’t actively try to drive traffic to the site. My posting was inconsistent and so was my sites following.  Out of boredom on a road trip last year I bought a Flip Cam.  I drove from Houston to Atlanta alone and for entertainment I took pictures in every state I entered, gave reviews of albums I was listening to, filmed myself freestyling and I even secretly recording the cops when they pulled me over and asked me “Where are the narcotics?”(true story) After I made it to Atlanta I edited my clips down to an 11 minute video called The Adventures of Rob Jay.  Just so my friends could see it.  I posted it on my website and that was the begining of this journey I’ve been on.

The flip cam was my new toy, I was filmming everything pranks, pool parties, high speed chases, arguments with my friends.  I would post video after video almost all of them 90 seconds or less and unedited just raw footage.  This was totally unintentional but through my website and flip cam people were introduced to my personality, my sense of humor stuff that you wouldn’t find out just listening to a song or even watching a music video. 

Overtime I got my website organized and started coming up with my own segments.  Motivational Mondays where I share some inspiring information, Weekly Vlog where I recap my latest activities, Song of the day.  I also starting writing articles about things I was interested in, Hip Hop, best emcees etc. Then I started adding interviews where I was asking other artist questions about their music, career, etc that was real cool and it helped because now they were promoting my site with me. I just kept adding to it some ideas stuck and some didn’t.

Overall I can say without a doubt the impact has been great.  I’ve gotten more online press, been booked for radio shows, have had a larger turnout at events and weirdly I’ve become this quasi Voice of The People for underground Houston Hip Hop Artists, it’s weird. I will say, it can be time consuming, it isn’t always but sometimes you may spend 3 hours working on a post.  Also you have to be consistent, that doesn’t mean you have to be post 3 or 4 times a day or even once a day but be on schedule.  If your supposed tp have new post on Tuesdays and Saturdays deliver on time. Last thing, don’t make every post about checking out your music, mix it up and let the people get to know you  Good luck!

Rob Jay

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