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The Nuts & Bots of Touring - Video Seminar by Jason Parker

Seattle trumpeter Jason Parker just returned from a two-week West Coast tour with his band, The Jason Parker Quartet. The tour was a huge success on all fronts, and Parker learned a ton acting as booking agent, PR firm, marketing director, tour manager, driver, band leader and trumpet player!

Wearing all those different hats really showed Parker what it takes to launch a successful tour. The band had a great time, played all sorts of cool venues, sold tons of CD’s, made contacts along the way and even came home with money in their pockets…so much so that Parker was able to pay the band 50% more than he had originally planned!

Parker gave a live touring seminar on Ustream to share what he learned in the hopes that he can help you have a successful tour as well. With all the negative talk about the industry and the economy, Parker wanted to show that it can be done. With a little planning and some good ideas you too can have a fun, successful and profitable tour!

Topics covered included:

  • booking
  • creating electronic press kits
  • press releases
  • budgeting
  • marketing & promotion
  • finding transportation and lodging
  • finding non-traditional gigs
  • breakdown of income & expenses
  • social networking
  • “pay-what-you-want” models
  • community building
  • fair wages
…and many more!

The seminar was recorded and is available to stream for free at Parker’s website,

Parker looks forward to giving more seminars in the future on a variety of topics that are important to working musicians. If you have any suggestions or feedback on this seminar, or requests for future seminar topics, please send Parker an email.

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