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The search for the next Music King on the web

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to reward internet awesome! We all know you belt those notes in front of the mirror, so why not show the world and go for the crown? King of the Web ( - a new website where the web decides who and what is awesome - is looking to crown a Music King.  In return for getting the most votes and singing, beat boxing or playing your heart out, you could win a $450 gift card for  Not to mention, if you get the most votes across all the competitions you grab the title “King of the Web” and $4,500 cash!

Competition ends July 28 so register now and show off your skills. Then tell your friends, family, and fans to vote for you! Anybody can compete with text, photos or videos and anybody can vote for the Music King.  Earn the most votes and win! 

Who doesn’t want to be able to tell their friends, dates, or loved ones that they’ve just been crowned Music King!


Sara Waltemire is a Marketing and Business Operation intern for King of the Web, an entertainment startup that allows people to vote on who and what is awesome online. Our hope is to democratize celebrity and reward Internet awesome.

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