Tips for contacting a music website
January 17, 2012
Andy Parker in Marketing, Publicity, email marketing, music website, new music, public relations

As you can imagine, a music website will receive many bands sending in their music for possible inclusion on the website. Sadly, due to time constraints working in music journalism, and generic emails that look like EXACTLY the same email has been sent to countless websites, some bands don’t even get heard!

Therefore, try and follow these simple guidelines when contacting music websites…

  1. Mention the site you are contacting…”It would be fantastic if we could be considered for inclusion on [insert name of site]. This shows you are making a special effort to contact their website. Also include the name of the reviewer if you know who you are contacting. 
  2. If you are a new band, look for a New Music section rather than ask to have your new album reviewed on the album reviews section. Include the link in which you feel your band could be featured. Mention that you are releasing a new album, but new bands are (in the majority of cases) just for established bands.
  3. Include the list of bands/infuences that the artist could be compared to with links to a website where the music can be heard.
  4. If the artist has received praise, then include about 3 bitesize snippets of what has been said. Obviously only include praise from “respected” people - not your mates!!!
  5. No response? A follow-up email a week or two later is OK. Too many emails or an angry email isn’t going to do you any favours.
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