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Tom Getter Slack's "Looking Glass" Released


Contact: Tom Getter Slack, 412-860-1195,

Online Publicity Contact: Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR:

Tom Getter Slack’s “Looking Glass” Released

Pittsburgh, PA – December 27, 2010 – Looking Glass, the long awaited second independent release from veteran tunesmith, guitar player, and keyboardist Tom Getter Slack, is now available at all of the most commonly used music download sites.

This album brings together a collection of reflective songs and haunting melodies written over the years that have been assembled into an impressive and thought provoking montage. Ranging from lament for unrequited romance and regret for the all-too-quick passage of time, to a joyous homage to the power of love and an inspired vision of a future full of magic, these songs combine insightful lyrics with engaging melodies and great accompaniment. Add to this a number of beautiful, lilting instrumentals, and this album presents a very compelling soundtrack about life and love.

Artist Website:   

CD Purchase:     


Publisher:                    Hilltop Pines Publishing (ASCAP)



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