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Top 9 Song Pitching Platforms

Many musicians fail to achieve success in the music industry due to lack of “follow through”. The simple act of following through on a few crucial things can make all the difference.

Going round in circles

I used to lack follow through. I’d write song after song but rarely send it to anyone in the industry. Was it laziness, fear of rejection or simply being too focused on my next musical creation? Too be honest I don’t know, but whatever the answer, the non action resulted in stagnation of my music career without me even realising it. I was busy writing songs, working hard and pushing forward, but in reality I was simply going round in circles.

I now view music “creation” as a form of preparation and nothing more. The real job is to send my work to the industry and get their thoughts and literally expose my music more. Shifting my focus in this way means I am able to follow through with each song I write.

Exposing your music

I tried various methods of exposing my music to the industry, including tip-sheets, direct contacts, on-line networking, industry contact books and various subscription services. The most effective in terms of time leverage, cost and quality of feedback was dedicated “song pitching” websites.

In case you don’t know, a song pitching website is a site that makes it easy to find new opportunities in the music industry. The major benefit with using song pitching websites (for me) is the time and energy saved when searching for, and submitting my music. The traditional method of finding contacts, submitting blindly and following up is too prohibitive in reaching enough people.

Who to choose?

Of course, there are good song pitching services and there are bad song pitching services. Comparing them is not easy because they offer a range of difference services and features. For example, some will charge every time you submit a song, others charge a monthly subscription fee.

I recently created a song pitching comparison chart which clearly shows what you get from the most popular song pitching services.

Your thoughts

Have you used a song pitching website? If so, please visit the comparison chart (link above) and leave a comment with your experiences. Let me know of other song pitching services you have used so we can benefit from collective knowledge.


Reader Comments (3)

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If you are going to spam at least offer something to the conversation.

@Phillip Scott
I agree that a lot of musicians feel stuck and perhaps they don't follow through in ways that really count. Thanks for your song pitching compare site, I have tried Audio Rokit and Sonic Bids and have been impressed with both services. It's nice to see the compare chart to see the options out there though.

October 22 | Unregistered CommenterMartin

found out about your chart from a friend and must say, nice idea! I pitched my music and have a meeting with a publisher just 2 weeks after joining which I thought was incredible. I agree that pitching sites work very well if not too expensive.

October 25 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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