Use Social Media To Promote Your Music
May 21, 2013
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Social media is extremely important when it comes to music marketing. Joining social networks is no doubt the best way to communicate and reach out to your fans and get them to promote your music for you.

Many people think that those who invest their time in social media is wasting their time by sitting on the computer and complaining about little things. They are wrong. Social media is very useful. For example, you can use social media during your live shows and share what’s going on to fans who weren’t able to make it.

Taking part in social media is perfect for musicians wanting to learn how to promote their music. So how do you use social media for music marketing? Here’s how

Update - Keep fans posted on what you’re up to. This also means updating them during shows. You can start a Twitter trend or something and have someone on your tour tweet your performance.

Interact - If you promote your stuff with social media, it is VERY IMPORTANT to stay involved with your fans. Your posts should include things that they can reply to. Also, all your responses should be positive. You don’t want to drive away fans now do you?

Visual - Share photos and videos. For pictures, you can get Instagram and snapchat to keep your fans updated via pictures. You can also share videos with services like Tout or Twitter’s Vine. People love media so keep them updated visually.

Did something screw up? - You’re on stage and the power goes out. Or, the wiring has messed up and all of a sudden the mics don’t work or the speakers don’t work. Share this on social media but don’t complain about it. Laugh about it. Fans love to see that you are a positive person who can laugh through mishaps.

If you are a musician and need to build your fanbase, you need to spend time with social media and reach out and connect with your fans. Leave them with great experiences and make them want more of you and your stuff.

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