Viacom Takes Another Stab With Artists.MTV
March 21, 2012
Kelland Drumgoole in Artist Development, death of myspace, mtv, myspace, viacom

So Viacom Buys Myspace for $500+ billion and pawns it for $35 million…

Turns MTV into a reality pop network. What’s up Snookie, 16 and Pregnant and Jersey Shore?  Need I say more?

Buy’s B.E.T. and kills off my favorite show, Rap City. The only video show remaining is the “black” version of TRL: 106 and Park. 

Now It wants to create another version of Myspace with Artists.MTV.

According to Viacom Music Group’s President Van Toffler, MTV currently has over 10,000 artists pages and wants to expand the number to a cool million by launch. When Viacom owned Myspace in 2007, they were already sitting on 8 million artists pages.

Viacom and MTV seem to be trying to undue the years of damage that they have caused by playing less and less music and shoving reality TV down our throats.

Is this a real move to empower more artists or just another channel for them to continue to shove more ads down our throats?


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