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Video banner advertising campaign lifts album sales by 80% for Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye 

A test to measure the impact of video banner advertising on album sales resulted in an 80% lift for Different Gear, Still Speeding, the debut album by Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady Eye, according to web analytics company Buzzdeck. 

The campaign was delivered by the cost per engagement advertising network Silence Media and was commissioned by media agency The 7 Stars for the band’s record label Beady Eye Records.

The ad featured videos for the band’s singles The Roller, Bring The Light and The Beat Goes On. Fans on numerous male lifestyle and sport websites were invited to rollover and expand the ad to watch the videos.

Click here to watch the ad. 

Buzzdeck measured these engagements in a timeline that also included total album sales. All other advertising and promotion was suspended during the test. The campaign produced a sales spike that lifted sales by 80%.

“We’ve always known there’s a correlation between video banner advertising and sales but with this test we were interested in causality – did A cause B to happen?” says John Leahy of Beady Eye Records. “The results are evidence that video banner advertising has matured into the most accountable and cost effective of the numerous digital advertising techniques.”

Measuring the impact of advertising on sales in the music industry is ordinarily restricted to TV campaigns. This test reflects a growing trend within record labels to collect and act upon online data using analytics tools like Buzzdeck.

 “Gathering data is important but the real challenge is making sense of it then using it to guide business decisions,” says Gareth Jones of The 7 Stars. “This Beady Eye test is a watershed moment for the music industry because it demonstrates that video banner advertising, which is cheaper than TV advertising and has better targeting and reporting, can be optimised to lift sales.”

 Silence Media is a pioneer of intelligent advertising, the idea that where a customer engages with a digital campaign must be analysed alongside a client’s sales data.

“In the music industry budgets are still decreasing and labels need to know that the money they’re spending is selling records,” says Lee Henshaw of Silence Media. “This Beady Eye campaign demonstrates that intelligent advertising can prove its impact on sales in a way that is beyond the capabilities of traditional media like TV, radio and press.”

For more information contact Lee Henshaw at Silence Media on 0203 487 1130. 

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