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we7 offers music fans exclusive ‘first listen’ access to new John Mayer album, Battle Studies

Music lovers invited to stream new album from today

London, 13 November: From today John Mayer fans are being offered an exclusive opportunity to listen to hotly anticipated new album, ‘Battle Studies’ ahead of its official launch. Previews of the new album are only available on we7, the free UK streaming service.

Famous for his high-profile romances with Hollywood stars, Mayer’s latest offering includes a range of militaristically title songs. These include tracks such as ‘Heartbreak Warfare’, ‘War of My Life’ and ‘Assassin’ each of which portrays relationships as a violent struggle littered with broken hearts. The album also features a duet with country ‘it-girl’ singer and star of last night’s Country Music Awards, Taylor Swift.

Fans will be able to listen to tracks such as ‘Perfectly Lonely’ and ‘Friends, Lovers or Nothing’ free of charge on the we7 site, three days before it is available for purchase on Monday. 

we7’s digital music manager, Colin Rice, digital, comments, “It is clear that there is a high demand from consumers to access the best new music as quickly, simply and easily as possible. Through this promotion we are delighted to provide fans with exclusive access to ‘Battle Studies’ without the need to resort to illegal downloading or accessing insecure websites.”!albumId=406978&play=true

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