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We're Coming Out Of A 10 Year Musical Depression

Alright, so the above statement may not be completely fair to the artists who have been meticulously slaving over and creating extremely well-crafted material in the last 10 years, but I want to discuss “pop” music over the last 10 years as a whole. 

Think back to the radio in 2002. The “golden years” of boy bands and pop divas had moved on and where being replaced by solo acts using way less harmony, sax solos, or  and a lot more drum machine. 

It was the birth of “the age of the modern producer”. Not the producers who had degrees in music and years of experience, I’m talking about the “Fruity Loops” using “Garageband” toting ones who threw out tracks faster than they could add real instruments to them. And we all loved it! Myself included.

We loved it, because we could all do it. 

Flash forward through the “partying like rockstars” and age of autotune to this summer. The Summer of 2012. The modern producers big final bow showing us all just how “bad-ass” you can truly make a beat. Concerts filled with music that had no instrument or vocal to be found! And we all loved it! Myself included. 

But let’s be honest… We all loved the last 10 years of music… because we where listening to the last 100 years of music.

We didn’t want modern pop 24/7 and the radio and record labels suffered the consequence. None of us wanted to pay for the new hits, not when we where busy borrowing our dads music collection for free.


All this to say, welcome back music. 

Counterculture to what everyone else in the industry is saying, I see on the horizon once again an age of major record labels rising (some of which will be new ones who promise us high quality music). I see the rise again of the radio which will be playing musically asthetic songs that don’t all just throw us into a 120bpm trance of sub-bass and high pitched auto-tune. Perhaps people will even be buying there music again with the inclination that it feels more like stealing when you can hear multiple souls recorded with it’s walls.

Perhaps you don’t see it yet… and maybe I’m a romantic dreaming of something not coming, but until proven wrong - 

Welcome back music.


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