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Who really gives a shit?

I have never made the connection between ‘making a living from’ and ‘making music’. To me, making music is making art, art cannot be relied on, art is volatile. When it is not, it is mundane. And mundane shifts in vast quantities. But so does the other stuff, the volatile stuff.

I hate the music industry because it is an industry obsessed with youth (i am a youth and i still hate it), it is not possible to grow old gracefully.

The music industry is like this whining child. It’s an immature, baby of an industry.

It’s sickening.

Whereas the film industry is as inherently as flawed, it is just cooler. You can grow with it.

The music industry is built on youth whether you like that or now. That’s why i like radiohead.

At a time when people are whinging that Tyler the Creator is too moot,

If there is a new rock’n’roll (i’m not a fan of the phrase) then it is it. It is those who artists who care so much about their art that any question of structured social media

Plus, steve albini was right, who says we have a right to be payed for music? What does a hundred years have on the 100, 000 we’ve been used to?

Nicolas Jaar playing saxophone interated dub.

Not the ‘professional’ musician.

Radiohead have married the creation of music as art and a career in a fastidious industry, they have also grown up with it. The baby boomers were unlucky in that they grew up leathery replicas of their nostalgic selves

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