Why Are We Waiting For Failure?
October 2, 2012
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I think the problem with the pop music industry is that there is so much negativity around the people that become successful. Everyone is quick to hate, Justin Beiber, Rebecca Black, One Direction, Lady Gaga, etc. We are waiting for them to fail, to be exposed and to be brought down to their knees.

What a weird, jealous and selfish society we are living in.


For example I just read this article which bags out Justin Bieber for throwing up on stage. 




Or the numerous articles saying lady gaga has gained too much weight recently.



This is a clear reflection of ‘The Culture’ we are living in. Instead of everyone hating, why can’t we show support?

Obviously, if Justin was sick on stage, then something is wrong, i.e. he is under a great deal of pressure, nerves, anxiety. He is only 18 and about to start his next tour. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot to deal for an 18 year old – even with the support of his team.

Why are we constantly waiting for people to fail? Is it fair enough to just say “haters are gonna to hate” and be ok with that?
It takes a lot of hard work for someone to get to that position. It may or may not be what every artist or musician dreams of; but if an unsigned/independent artist that you support becomes successful (in any way), wouldn’t you want to support them? Why should fame change anything about how we perceive or relate to an artist?

What’re your thoughts on this topic? I think bringing awareness to this and generating a discussion around this topic is crucial.

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