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Why lend your ears to Wyland?

Hello Fellow Bloggers, 

My name is Bill. I have been actively reviewing music and bands for years now. Originally, I had a goal of being a journalist for Rolling Stone. I landed a gig writing for Rolling Stone in the early 90s. Due to a drug problem (that is no longer in my life), I lost that opportunity. BUT, I proudly haven’t stopped writing and reviewing bands, which brings me to Wyland pronounced WHY-LIND. 

These New Jersey natives are an interesting bunch. They showed up on my radar after a couple friends had seen them at open mics and collaborative jam sessions across New Jersey.

Apparently, they shot a video trailer for the band’s release in various locations including Long Beach Island (before Hurricane Sandy hit), New York City and I presume their local suburban towns. I saw the trailer and was mildly impressed. A series of quick interesting shots mixed with predictable music. Promising? Maybe. Here’s where I became interested.

One night in Hoboken, NJ (where I live) a friend who has been babbling on and on about them, told me they were playing that night at a local pub. Coincidently, the Rangers weren’t playing and the Giants were knocked out of the playoffs, so I reluctantly joined.

They opened their set with a song called, “Rust and Bone”. Being a long time fan of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, my heart was engulfed. Engulfed with feelings that brought back my childhood. I felt like I was re-living opportunities and lost loves that passed me by (but in a good way). By the bridge, my asshole buddy nods at me saying, “I told you they were the real deal”. Being my stubborn self, I showed no sign of emotion. Their second song title was a lengthy one, “Between Timid and Timbuktu”. I won’t comment on this song. It’s a song that needs to be heard by the listener alone. I don’t believe there’s anything I could write to do it justice. All I will say, if anyone wasn’t paying attention after “Rust and Bone”, they were after this one. Wyland continued their set with “MIDAS”, a twist on the old tale of King Midas. The song was anthemic. By the end, the entire pub was singing along. I even caught myself chiming in, here and there. 

In the end, I kept my distance from the band. I observed every reaction from the band to the people in the bar. I found that this young energetic group was in fact genuine which made me enjoy their set even more. 

I guess, what I’m getting at is, they just may be worth your time. I found them on facebook at

My overall rating for Wyland: 6.5 out of 10

Reader Comments (1)

these people don't even have a website and don't appear on any searches - and I find Facebook as a place to promote a band to be total bullshit

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