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Why People Buy or DON'T Buy Music

With much debate surrounding streaming services and file-sharing sites, I brainstormed reasons why people still buy music in 2012. Although scarcity is a factor, it was omitted because theoretically once music is digitized it is vulnerable to mass sharing. Also, although there are many opinions about the overall quality of music being unworthy of purchase these days, but I believe that goes without saying.

Above choosing a side, it may be as important to understand the circumstances behind our choices in purchasing. It may also be helpful to recognize that many have conflicting beliefs, leading them to be “sometimes” buyers. Statistics have shown that 95% of music consumed online in the U.S. is in a legal or unlicensed manner. However, it’s important to remember that this number doesn’t represent percentage of actual people. According to a Pew Study, 33% on internet users have paid for digital music online. Obviously, there are reasons as to people still buy music.

Can you think of other motivations as to why people continue to purchase music?



Reader Comments (1)

the consumer considers spending money as a way to express himself, because that's how we were educated from childhood by the ads, but he couldn't explain why he buys, he just suddenly feels the urge to buy something cool, but if that product is not immediately available, he easily changes his mind and forget about it later.
the idealistic consumer is aware that the way you spend your money is a political statement ("to be fair"/"support the artist"), but it's only a minority, to me, I hope to be wrong.

February 3 | Unregistered Commentermarsiano

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