Yimup powers independent artists from all over the world to set up their own online music business. 
December 8, 2009
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Yimup, (www.yimup.net) a music industry technology company has launched a new service called “Yimup Music Platform”, which is notable in that it lets independent artists from all over the world to sell music directly to their fans from their own web music distribution platform, rather than linking through to third-party retailers.


Bogotá, Colombia —December 9, 2009— It’s not getting any easier to write and perform great music. But for independent artists, it is getting easier to build their own music business, where artists can in an easy and simple way do all the digital marketing of their work, sell directly to their fans and build their own fan community network, all in just one place.

That’s the idea behind Yimup Music Platform, a new application launched last week by Yimup, a music industry technology company founded in 2007 at Bogotá - Colombia. The three-year-old startup has been serving the needs of digital sales music for local independent artists since then, but with its newest launch this company wants to take online music distribution to a next level by allowing independent artists from all over the world to sell and market their music directly to their fans.

Until now, artist social communities allowed for fan interaction only, without direct commerce capability. Fans wishing to purchase from an artist would be re-directed to a third-party retailer such as iTunes, Amazon, emusic, or any other, and artists would have no way to control the sale. With Yimup Music Platform, fans never leave the artist’s site to purchase music, enabling the artist to retain higher profit margins, maintain knowledge of what fan buys, and maintain complete control over the artist’s brand.

Going beyond first-generation fan networking tools such as iLike, MySpace or Spotify, the Yimup Music Platform provides a complete solution for direct sales and digital marketing, by integrating in just one place functions like online personal store, mailing list, fans networking, and more, powering artists from all over the world to set up their own music business.

Yimup allows you to manage your online activity pretty much all from within your own Web Music Distribution Platform, and build your own fan community through the fans networking functionality integrated to your own platform.

Yimup IT Director German Franco says, “We have integrated all functionalities possible so artists can market and sell directly to their fans in a completely natural and seamless way. With digital tools integrations such personal store, fan networking, mailing list, download codes and others functions, artists can easily manage all their digital music marketing from just one place.”

Yimup Music Platform features and benefits:

Pricing & Availability

Yimup Music Platform is now available at no cost. In a first phase Yimup is going to be given away 500 invitations. These invitations are available to any independent artist from all over the world who wants to join Yimup at no cost, allowing artists to get started easily and retain 100% of revenues from their sales. To learn more, or to ask for an invitation to establish a Yimup Music Platform, visit www.yimup.net

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