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Worn Out Shoes - Bud Elkin & Company

 “Worn out shoes”, is a blues tune written by Bud Elkin about the typical blues many people face when one person in a relationship feels cheated by the other. Many times, it comes through infidelity, and other times it comes from boredom, but generally, it ends up with one or the other person packing up and leaving.

Worn Out Shoes


Fake Friendz 

A track by Asoli ft Mzee and Eradic 8, you can download my hot new single at.

Fake friendz


Madonna Tribute Live Vocal Cover

Music is my expression in connection to life singing  as I feel it and always with passion 



© (EA)Ms Elly official  2015



Day N' Nite

Wrote this song to describe My thoughts every Day N’ Nite.


Day N' Nite


Justice ft. Zilla Produced by MaDdhaus3080

This song is dedicated to the struggle. Part of a soundtrack for revolution.

JUSTICE featuring Zilla Cartel , produced by those good folks over at maDdhaus3080.

Justice ft ZIlla


"We Aim To Please" by AEP

Aep (pronounced “ape”) is a three piece progressive rock band from Lake Charles, LA. They are all experienced musicians that have played in and around the lake area. They began to jam together around mid 2014 and began playing shows late January 2015 and haven’t stopped since. Aep has had their single, “In My Eyes” in rotation on multiple FM radio stations around the South & also had an article published about them in Exposure Magazine. Aep has played all over Louisiana and Texas. They have just released their debut album “Costume Shop Sessions” on August 14th, 2015.

We Aim To Please


Treasure Map by Katie Stump

21-year-old Katie Stump is quickly proving her worth amongst the most prolific singers and songwriters of today.  Drawing from pop, folk, and country influences, her honest lyrics and vibrant melodies create a unique experience that pulls the listener into the beauty and vulnerability of the heart.
Her newly released single, Treasure Map, was co-written by Stump and Jason Afable and marks Katie’s return to the more country influenced songs in her repertoire. Treasure Map is the first single from her upcoming EP Feels Like Home produced by Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue.
Spotify Link:
Treasure Map Video YouTube:


Treasure Map


Hoochie Coochie Man cover by Greystring


Check out our new recording - cover of wonderful blues standard written by Willie Dixon, Hoochie Coochie Man. Thanks for listening!

Hoochie Coochie Man



Please take a chance to check out my new ep: Chill.

All of the tracks are available for free download though SoundCloud!

Thanks for listening!



Zina Cantave New Debut Single

Pop Artist Zina Cantave New Single ‘Everything I Feel’ Now Available on:

iTunes URL direct link:

Singer/songwriter/pop & RNB star steadily climbing charts with this impressive new Single



Good As I'll Ever Be By Eli Purks

Pop Artist Eli Purks’ New Single ‘Good As I’ll Ever Be’ Now Available on iTunes

Singer/songwriter/pop star steadily climbing charts with impressive new track

Up and coming pop artist Eli Purks’ new single ‘Good As I’ll Ever Be’ is now available on 




Life Changes Interlude x Elijah Banks

Hey guys I’d love your thoughts and opinions on my newest song that I released a few days ago. If you also have a soundcloud, I’ll do the same for your most recent song. Thank you in advance

Elijah Banks


ThrashGangsters "Terror Has Begun"

Title track of “Terror Has Begun” Demo-EP.

Official Music Video published:



ThrashGangsters - Terror Has Begun


By The Way

Breakup song/ kinda funky.

By The Way


"Weekend" by Juval Porat

This is Juval Porats very first official single fom his album “Optimism”, released by darumeshi records. The song is about having a wonderful weekend with your lover. Then dark thoughts appear…

Weekend by Juval Porat


Mako - World Set Alight

WorldSet Alight is the new single by MAKO. 

WorldSet Alight is the new single by MAKO.

Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the rock group MAKO both are former members of the internationally acclaimed band Cyclefly.

The beautiful graffiti and street art work used in this video was shot while on tour in Brazil.Alight is the new sin

Mako - World Set Alight


Wyldthang ft Shawnna l Good Good

Hip Hop newcomer Wyldthang hooks up with Platnium recording artist Shawnna to deliver a tune that is sure to melt the wax off the candle this summer. R&B sensation Ray Wonder bellows out the heart felt chorus and the songs emotions interchange perfectly.


Good Good Link=>

*WYLDTHANG Social Media Links*




Dedrich Von Dorn New Release On BeatPort

Hailing from New York City and finding inspiration from all EDM genres, hip hop, industrial, and synth pop, Dedrich produces music that brings together styles, moods and textures.

“The world is large, of many things, and a place for exploration. This is what I aim for in my music - to explore and never fit in a box.”

Having a long history in EDM, formerly partnered with Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area on their Essa 3 project, Dedrich blazes a new path that embraces his past while pushing into the future.

Having previously released tracks and records (under different aliases) on Strictly Rhythm, Smile Communications, Instinct Records, Zoe Magik and others, Dedrich has found a home with Expedition Recordings.

“Expedition is an artist run label - owned by Kiley and Christian of Science vs. Nature. Not only do they give me complete artistic freedom, they help me be better on every track every time. We have a whole host of peak hour Dedrich Von Dorn tracks on the way - look for them!”

Twitter: @dedrichvondorn

Bookings, Licensing & Info:


Rising Star, Jessica Domingo, To Release New ‘Masterpiece’ Album 

After intense labor, the popular YouTube performer, Jessica Domingo, is preparing to release ‘Masterpiece,’ her new EP that consists entirely of original work. The new collection is a follow-up to her widely successful, ‘Just Vibe,’ an album that elicited an array of rave reviews with its “natural, largely acoustic, warm, and intimate” sound.

‘Masterpiece’ has been recorded with multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producer Mikal Blue at Revolver Studios in Los Angeles. The song ‘Masterpiece’ is one of sixteen finalists in the ‘teen’ category of the International Songwriting Competition. (A category that receives over 18,000 entries.) The single has already been released with an exceptional accompanying music video.

Domingo’s successful studio outings have established her as one of the most powerful and elegant artists to rise from the YouTube community and into the public eye. A tour is planned along with future releases as Domingo continues to craft her individual creative identity. As such a young artist, she’s experimenting at every turn and her ever-improving musical prowess only results in each release being stronger than the last.

Aside from a very successful YouTube career and her new studio albums, Domingo has also delved into the world of competitive competition and songwriting. She’s been involved with Asian American Singing Idol, the Seattle Filipino community’s ‘Pista Singing Idol,’ and the Filipino-Canadian PNT TV5 Singing Idol. In each of these contests, Domingo was placed firmly in the top three competitors.

“My sound feels like a mixture of acoustic genres,” Domingo explained in an interview with the Pens Eye View News. She cites R&B inspiration along with folk and pop elements in her songs. “I write depending on my moods which is why I have trouble with sticking to one sound. I guess that’s what makes me different from others in my genre - I feel like the songs I have written have a variety of different styles…” [Click here for full interview.]

Her ambitious endeavors resulted in a sold-out tour of the west coast last August and the debut of her own Vevo channel, an industry-coveted video sharing platform that only signs noteworthy artists. Domingo is also a student, if her efforts weren’t impressive enough already.

Domingo maintains a wonderful presence online and can be sought out on every major social networking platform and every major music distribution shop. For all of those, see the corresponding links below the ‘Masterpiece’ music video. Follow Jessica Domingo online for continued updates on the release and all of her other projects. 


Official Website: 
YouTube Channel:
Facebook Pages: 


Gangster In The Morning by FuzzyLogicBaby

When Punk meets Grime then smokes a joint with Reggae. A typical London high before going for a cheeky Nandos.

Gangster In The Morning