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Broken Sky - Absinthe River

A contemporary metal song with a classic hard rock feel.  Absinthe River is a Colorado Springs writing/recording project comprised of Bob Szekely (vocals, lyrics, bass), Steve Stanulonis (guitars), Rob Rakoczy (drum programming, guitars keys, lyrics, vocals).  For this song, the drum programming, backing guitar tracks, rhythm guitars and guitar solos were recorded in FL Studio 10.  Bass and MIDI bass (Taurus-style) pedals were recorded in Studio ONE, and vocals in Garageband.  


Broken Sky tries to elicit the picture of a bleak urban dystopia through its lyrics in the context of classic heavy metal, while hooking the listener with its riffs, power, tone and melodies.  Please let us know if you feel we’ve achieved these objectives.  If you don’t believe that we have met these, please let us know how you think we fell short, and provide suggestions as to how we could improve this.



So Much More by Candice Russell

Candice’s songwriting is real, honest, and vulnerable, yet she is positive, determined and confident. She sings, writes and performs to make others feel good about themselves, not to make others feel good about her

So Much More by Candice Russell


Closed Door - Brian Larney

Larney’s vocals are sweetly plaintive, imbuing the weightier tunes with an elegant poignancy. 

Closed Door - Brian Larney


Spark by Nikhil Korula

For a decade, The Nikhil Korula Band has authentically blended calypso, rock, reggae, African and Latin grooves into an irresistible elixir enjoyed equally by the jam band community and AAA and college radio.

Spark by Nikhil Korula


Where is the soul of America?

In the lead track of his new CD “Time to Build a New World” singer songwriter and social activist Mike Stout asks “Where is the soul of America?

In these times of warring political factions putting the government in unproductive grid lock Mike Stout asks what happened to the driving American spirit that united Americans to do great things.   In this bluesy slide guitar driven tune a big CSNY style chorus of singers asks:

“Where is the soul of America?  Where is the spirit that made you great?  Where is the soul of America?  We need it now more than ever today.  Where’s the will, that brought the Bill of Rights to stay, The ways and means to bring about our common dreams…now?”

“Time to Build a New World” will be available on iTunes and Amazon on Oct 25, 2013

Where is the soul of America?


Unfold by Frederick

Frederick is a band hailing from the music-loving city of Austin, Texas. The band began as a project of singer/songwriter Neil Faulkner, and has since evolved into a collaboration between musicians from diverse backgrounds. This diversity contributes to the band’s unique sound, melding influences of Americana, Indie Rock, and Folk, to name a few. Even prior to the release of Frederick’s 4-song, self-titled EP in August of 2013, the band was already creating a buzz.

Unfold by Frederick


Gabriela Pepino - Let Me Do It

Former Berklee College of Music alumni, brazilian singer and songwriter masterly debuts her first album which syntesizes her jazz, blues, soul and pop musical influences.

Gabriela Pepino - Let Me Do It


Sunshine (Fireflies)

Sunshine (Fireflies) - Jae Franklin - a perfect bouncy, soul-filled tune perfect for a beautiful Fall day. 

Listen to more Jae Franklin music here (Soundcloud) and here (Bandcamp)

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Sunshine (Fireflies)


HeadStrong by Poor Legacy 

You’re determined to have your own way because you have a strong belief that your view what you have in your head is the best one. Being a headstrong person is not always a bad thing. Sometimes headstrong people make history because they fight traditional values or outdated rules that need to be changed.



Sweet Revenge x Pic Vicious (mp3)


New band from Ohio "I, Apollo" 

Straight out of High School this 4 piece Metalcore band from a small town in Ohio is making waves. The Ep Stranded was Recorded at Random Awesome! Studio in MI, engineered by Josh Schroeder. The band comes out of the gate swinging, raw and hard with attractive chorus melodies. In a matter of two weeks from release the band has sold over 1000s C.D. Here is one of the tracks “Surface” on soundcloud.


Breaking News by Simon Edward

“24-hour News.. You can’t ignore it. Does it exist for the greater good? for better.. or worse? to entertain us? - and for profit”..



Lost March by Robin Foster

A current flows through British composer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Robin Foster’s music, a mesmerising quality conjuring up images of passing landscapes, fast-paced city nights and smoky colours, an eternal road movie.

Lost March by Robin Foster


Boys Will Be Boys by Kaylee Rutland

Kaylee Rutland’s sweet, soulful sound is well matched with her warm smile and the upbeat, encouraging messages in her music.

Boys Will Be Boys by Kaylee Rutland


Lolli Lolli by Reed!

Here’s a little toe-tapper from L.A. musician Reed! called Lolli Lolli. Available at

Lolli Lolli


Love Is Blind

This is a classic blues rumba, Track two, from David Reo’s, Life Is Good Album

Love Is Blind


On You Close by Bootsee In Fullclip

Its kind of a slow song but its a club banger.

On You Close


Fire Away by Beto Hale

Latin Alternative Pop Rock

The spiritually centered vibes on Rebirth come from the boldness to be humble and musically pure. The album is a migration back to Beto’s creative birthplace. “I feel like it’s the first album where I got it right,” he says. “It takes a lifetime, but now I feel like I’m really getting somewhere.”

Fire Away by Beto Hale



Instrumental track created by Los Angeles based producer, Ezzycam.



Get Back On The Highway

Ten Foot Tall Band - Get Back On The Highway -  Roots Rock by Grammy featured artist James Popik 

Get Back On The Highway

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