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"True God Flow" by Mega EvErs

“True God Flow” is a track off of Mega’s recently released album entitled “No ConCept”. Mega EvErs is known for draping his lyrics with crucial punch lines and undeniable realism. He lives in Seattle WA

True God Flow by Mega EvErs


Go by Reverse Order

GO is dynamic, sarcastic and full of energy.  It has been nominated for a Grammy in the Rap/Sung category.



Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks

The concept of fusing real Chicago Blues with Rap/Hip-­‐Hop had been brewing in his head for a few years. He met Eve on the set of the movie, “Barber Shop.’’ She offered to get involved in the project, but a fateful meeting with Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Run-­‐DMC on September 14th at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in 2002 changed everything. “Jam Master Jay took the idea seriously,” says Brooks. “He liked the idea so much he wanted me to come to New York to work on it. That’s when I knew I was onto something big.”

Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks


Come chill with me... Sim Card (Wassim)

Fully original songs and artists are hard to come by these days. But someone’s making a scene in Melbourne…

check it out on sound clound

you can also get instrumentals directly from the producer here!

Come chill with me


Show Me by Eli Uno


Spilling Champagne By E-DUBB FT. ICE MEEZ



Hustler by MesAyah

Ever since he started rapping back in ‘05, MesAyah has focused on the listeners and provided them with something new. He wants to evoke feelings and thoughts both on a personal and collective level, and let the audience get more out of the lyrics when giving them another listen. MesAyah has an artistic approach, allowing the listener to interpret his music in their own way rather than adopting his beliefs.

Hustler by MesAyah


Global Warming by H.A.K.

Husain Abdullah Karim professionally known as H.A.K is a man of many talents. Before he ever laid down a song the California born emcee was knocking down quarterbacks on the gridiron. Karim earned academic and athletic all-conference honors from the Atlantic-10 (University of New Hampshire) as a linebacker. Though he received several looks from NFL Scouts he decided to follow his heart and turn all his energy to his true love— music.

Global Warming by H.A.K.


Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project

Most listeners have never heard or seen anything quite like the Buddy Love Project. The California native mixes hip-hop, pop, rock and dance music into a special fusion he calls Future Disco.

Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project


Yes, I'm A Ho by Wendy Ho

Straight out of a Kansas City Trailer Park comes a true, American original: Wendy Ho. Crass, sexy, soulful, and ballsy, she is the definitive sexually liberated musical comedienne. Whether she’s spitting her own lyrical miracles, or jacking someone else’s song into her own poetic piece of perfection, Ho owns it.

Yes, I'm A Ho by Wendy Ho


People by Cisco Wayne

Great jazzy hiphop/R&B beat.

People by Cisco Wayne


Welcome to the Chi by Trudell

There is something refreshingly honest about emcee’s that choose to forego stage monikers and use their given names instead. Artists like Tupac, Andre (3000), Kanye West and Nas(ir) Jones have all bared their soles through music and that is exactly what 26-year-old emcee Michael Trudell Miller aims to do with his craft.

Welcome to the Chi by Trudell


"Sharpie Solo" by Carlton Zeus

Visit for a sneak peak at the new record. 

Sharpie Solo by Carlton Zeus


Put Your Hands Up High by Gangstagrass

Gangstagrass, was just nominated for an Emmy for the theme song of the hit FX series: Justified. The show stars award winning actor Timothy Olyphant and features the song “Long Hard Times to Come”, written exclusively for the show by Gangstagrass!

Sometimes you just know what has to be done and you can’t put it off any longer. History has to be made and there is no other way to do it than to just jump in the deep end and start swimming.

Put Your Hands Up High by Gangsta Grass


Everything but the Girl

“Everything But the Girl,” [was] released as a single last year, garnering radio airplay from nearly a dozen Quebec outlets. That remains his greatest bid for potential mainstream success, with a robust, upfront rap, retro New York freestyle production, swirling harmonies and a keen message that “A lot of things I already got—except a girl who I love, and is really hot.”

- Cortney Harding, Billboard Discoveries

Everything but the Girl


American Politricks by Mike Petrone

It may have seemed like a lofty goal for an independent rapper to get Lil Scrappy and Iam of Soul Mafia on his first single. Not for Mike Petrone, whose breakthrough record “Crank It” is heating up the streets of his native Atlanta on the strength of spitfire verses and an insanely catchy hook.

American Politricks


Lovesick by BUNKS

Lovesick by BUNKS

Ever wondered what Simon and Garfunkel on crunk juice ridin’ around in a drop top 6-4 with the Beastie Boys sounds like?

The BUNKS have been Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge and Sound since the tender age of 10 but this force decided to turn to music full-time in 1999.  Recently chosen as The Murfreesboro Pulse’s Featured Artist for the month of April and taking 3rd place in Daily News Journal and’s Battle of the Bands, this duo is just getting started.  When they aren’t performing on-stage or writing and recording, Smo and Gro spend their time consulting with independent artists who are trying to navigate their way through the music business.

Lovesick is off the group’s upcoming album ‘Soul Rebel Music’.


Let Go by Unknown The Universal Element

Let Go- Unknown The Universal Element

Unknown or as he is simply called ”Un” has been dedicated to music since his youth.Today,Unknown the Universal Element is looking to expand his music worldwide. He does not censor his music or alter his sound for anyone;it is all about integrity.

Not one-dimensional in the least, Un is an artist that doesn’t limit himself to boundaries or specific topics. He comes from the heart when he enters the vocal booth.


I Can Make It Happen by Brandon Carter

I Can Make It Happen- Brandon Carter

Rapper/Producer Brandon Carter was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, IL, until relocating to attend Howard University in
Washington, D.C. While pursuing his degree at Howard, Brandon began his performance career, by opening for Hip Hop headliners, such as: Kanye West, Fabolous, LL Cool J and T.I. Upon graduating, Brandon then moved to New York, career driven! While a few offers by major labels fell through, Brandon continued to pursue his dreams.


Fire In The Kitchen by Manafest

Fire In The Kitchen- Manafest

Chris Greenwood A.K.A. Manafest is a man on a mission.

His latest release, THE CHASE is his fourth full-length album and it’s his hardest hitting work to date, infusing rock, rap and pop seamlessly. Manafest has been organically building his fan base for the past 6 years, playing hundreds of shows on three continents and selling over 100,000 records. He is a Juno and Dove nominee. His music has been featured in video games, on TV shows like “Knight Rider,” “One Tree Hill” and “MTV Unplugged.” He’s endorsed by: Circa, West 49 and Nomis. So, what’s left to achieve? That’s simple. Sell one million records, keep touring the globe and continue getting his message out to fans. If past success is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before he makes this happen.