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Ages by Ironwood Rain

A storm gathers as elements combine and music gently falls, distantly thunders or pours forth for the members of Ironwood Rain: Scotte Burns (lead vocals, bass, live sound mixing,) Mike Kloepfer (guitar, vocals,) JJ Maestas (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica) and Gary Saint Germain (drums, percussion, vocals.) Described by a Colorado promoter as “the bastard yet comely lovechild of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Eagles and Jethro Tull,” this acoustic guitar/vocals driven AAA rock band writes and performs music born of their extensive life experience and musical ventures through progressive rock, blues, jazz and hard rock.

Ages by Ironwood Rain


Nighttime Businessman - Don Sprik

Nighttime Businessman - Don Sprik

Veteran rock singer, Don Sprik, has titled his fourth CD Nighttime Businessman. These two words likely conjure up everything from graveyard shift workers, to lovers that no doubt ‘get around.’ But Sprik’s intention with this new disc’s title track is not quite so dreary as putting in man hours during the middle of the night, nor does it refer to some kind of late night Lothario. Instead, this gravelly-voiced singer is, instead, referring to the greatly underappreciated job of empathetic friendship. In this particular case, he’s playing the listening ear to a woman who has surely been done wrong. “It’s a song about just trying to come along side of her,” Sprik explains, “not trying to give her a bunch of advice, but just trying to be there.”