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Storm is over by Cry of Pain

Alternative, acoustic rock played by two friends from Krakow, Poland.

Here is one of our ballads and the title song of our new album.

Let us know what you think of it! Cheers!

Storm is over


Emilee by FreeThinker

FreeThinker is a band from Saint Louis. This is their new song Emilee, their debut album releases this june for updates check them out at





This Ain't The Same Old Music


All Still by Elin Kaaven

Elin Kaaven, singer songwriter and fusion dancer from the tundras in the north debuted in late 2009 with her album “Jiknon musihkka – Frozen music” with great reviews. She is highly inspired by nature, folklore and mysticism. She is “Artist of the year 2011” of “Sapmi music” working towards a new release.

All Still by Elin Kaaven


No More Time by Parents With Angst

Parents With Angst, the husband and wife team formerly known as Amelia’s Dream, features standout songs inspired by their first-hand journey raising their preschooler, Adam. The New York City-based duo, consisting of singer/songwriter Amelia S. Gewirtz and musician/songwriter/producer Harold Stephan, breaks ground in the new arena of parenting music. With hints of folk rock and family-inspired tunes, the songs on Parents With Angst creates an undeniable connection with listeners.

No More Time by Parents With Angst


Big City Drinking by Heartour

Heartour is the creative outlet/alter ego of popular Los Angeles based band The Ruse’s drummer Jason Young. Having been a member of touring bands since he was a teenager, Young began recording solo material as Heartour in 2002. Ever since the first release in 2003 (Three), Young has been extra prolific, in addition to producing and performing with The Ruse he has dropped a full solo album every couple years.

Influenced heavily by big sounding bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin as well as contemporary acts My Morning Jacket, LCD Soundsystem and Metric , Heartour’s progressive Electronic sound has grown by leaps and bounds with each project. With renewed energy and new ideas, Young released his best work to date in early 2011 in the form of Submarine Sounds.

Big City Drinking by Heartour


Fade by Hudson K

Hudson K is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Christina Horn. Combining influences that span decades, Christina’s work dwells in the abstract, emerging in timeless forms. Drawing her inspiration from other such artists as Tori Amos and Tom Waits, Hudson K has crafted their own unique sound of avant-garde and pop fusion. Incredibly photogenic and fashion-minded, Horn is a glamorous figure for the alternative music realm; a seeming star-in-waiting, successor to that mystical/sexual rock-heroine crown.

Fade by Hudson K


Start All Over by Carmen Townsend

As an artist, Townsend knows how to keep listeners on their toes. “There’s a whole lot of energy with us onstage,” says Townsend in her charming and pleasant drawl. “I’d rather be onstage playing live than anything. I feed off of that raw energy. I often get compared to other female singer songwriters, but if these people came to see me play, they’d think otherwise. It’s a three-piece rock band, with a ton of low end and a lot of hair flying everywhere.”

Start All Over by Carmen Townsend


The Grind by The Kobolds

The Kobolds are a New York City alternative rock band with a home-base in Astoria, Queens. Influenced by The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, and Led Zeppelin, Alex Grau and Nicholas DiMichele first started playing music together as teenagers in College Station, Texas. After moving to New York to pursue degrees from NYU, Alex and Nick enlisted Pennsylvanian drummer Andrew Benson from a local Guitar Center. Using intense intimidation tactics, Alex, Nick and Andrew coerced their long-time friend from Texas, Spencer Synwolt, to start a new life in New York and round out the rock quartet. The Kobolds were born in 2009, and released their first album, The Kobolds EP, in July 2010. Following a year of playing New York, their second album, The Kobolds EP II, is being released in May 2011.

The Grind by The Kobolds


A Survivor by Danny Django

Singer/Songwriter Danny Django is one of those genuinely humble, genuinely interesting guys with guitars who has something worthwhile to say, and is taking the time to say it. With a gritty Americana Blues Rock sound placing him in league with Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Tom Petty, Danny Django is the voice of a generation ago set in modern times. Basically, Woody Guthrie with a band and digital audio gear. The message of these greats is imbued in Django’s work as well, with the quest for peace, love, and the common good setting the course for his songs and stories.

A Survivor by Danny Django


Seed of Love by Ally Way

What if you ran across Joni Mitchell in 1967 or Roberta Flack in ‘72. How about Sheryl Crow in ‘91 or Alanis in ‘94 or Norah Jones or Alicia Keys before they’d been discovered, would you stop and listen?

Legendary producer David Z (Prince, Jody Watley, Fine Young Cannibals, Angilque Kidjo, etc.) did. When he heard Ally Way he was so impressed he immediately came on-board to produce Ally’s first release.

Meet Ally Way and this is her year. Smart songs, incredible talent, and a unique musical vision. More than just the latest trend, her songs share the same timeless quality of the great female artists of the rock era.

Look into the eyes of youthful songstress Ally Way, and an ancient serenity gazes back. Asked where she was born, she sweetly says, “I’m originally from heaven,” and you believe her. Throw in the angelic voice and an original writing talent, and Ally Way adds up to a remarkable young woman, an enthralling performer whose warm soul comes through in every note.

Seed of Love by Ally Way


Fish, Eggs and Sushi by Moochie Mac and Friends

Rock band by day and beer fueled superheroes by night (or sometimes the other way around), Moochie Mac & Superfriends formed in the summer of 2008 after being inspired by a trip to Japan. As fate would have it our heroes, Moochie Mac & Hayashi wrote their first song together—titled Baan Thai—after getting smashed at Thai Beach Bar on Kamakura Beach. On the plane trip back to their native Singapore, the duo decided to form a band and write an album about all of the adventures they had in Tokyo. Once they returned home, they recruited long time friend K-9 to complete the awesome trio and Moochie Mac & Superfriends was born.

Fish, Eggs and Sushi by Moochie Mac and Friends


Hurricane by Summerfield

Comprised of cousins Summer Collins (15, vocals and guitar) and Isaac Ball (20, violin), Summerfield is an astonishing modern country-pop duo that, in barely a year, has won legions of fervent fans stretching from the pair’s Fayetteville, North Carolina, home to as far away as Russia and Europe. But, being close relatives, Summerfield’s roots naturally go back farther than the act’s official beginnings.

Hurricane by Summerfield


Damn That River by The Evidence

Canadian power trio The Evidence has shown an eerie dedication to their craft since banding together in late 2000. Graduates of the local punk rock scene, the band has grown into a sound that blends the rocky pop sensibility of alt-punk bands such as AFI, Bad Religion and the Foo Fighters with the prog-rock detail and grandeur of groups like Rush and Queen.

Damn That River by The Evidence


The Last Midway by When Summer's Gone

Hailing from the failed steel town of New Castle, Pennsylvania, When Summer’s Gone embodies the spirit of a populace convinced their best days are behind them but still can’t quite give up hope for the future. Dave Graziani handles vocals and guitar while drummer/bassist Chris Lepri provides the rhythmic background that keeps the duo on track.

The Last Midway by When Summer's Gone


Backroads and Sunsets by Seth and Zakk

This Cape Cod, Massachusetts based duo, formally Seth Simonelli and Zakk Bates, kick out tight sets of acoustic pop/rock with edge on record and on stage, and keep their feet on the ground in everyday life as silly, simple humans. Much like Dashboard Confessional, it’s goofy kids with twitchy teen angst hung on expertly catchy melodies. Also much like Dashboard Confessional, it’s almost always about a girl.

Backroads and Sunsets by Seth and Zakk


Chameleon by Pixikill

Sisters Jewel & Blaire Restaneo stand as the front-women of Pixkill, claiming the hybrid style of electro pop grunge as their playground and joining fellow females like Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Hayley Williams of Paramore at the forefront of young women who can rock a mic.

Chameleon by Pixikill


You Never Know by jsin

Montreal, Canada native jsin makes music that is unapologetically honest. Inspired heavily by the gritty rock music of yesteryear jsin’s debut Born harkens the memory of 1980’s head banging music with a modern twist.

You Never Know by jsin


Passion by Entelleckt

The debut single of emerging rap artist Entelleckt, entitled “Passion,” currently available on, iTunes, Amazon,  is infused with evidence of the track’s namesake. The spacey synths and syncopated organic drums bring to mind thoughts of the Neptunes earlier work and the melodious hook is reminiscent of Cee-Lo Green.

Passion by Entelleckt


Come Be The Man by the JamezBand

Fairs was the principle songwriter, producer and guitarist for 1960’s regional wonders The Cryan’ Shames, Midwestern legends who ruled the charts on Chicago radio station WLS between 1966 and 1969.

Come Be The Man by the JamezBand