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Like This - The Night

This is our new single - basically we would like to know what the think tank listeners/readers think - what does it make you feel? Would you buy our record based on this experience?

Like This


Without a Sign by Chantelle Delves

Listeners will find themselves singing along to this song long before the last notes linger into the air.

Catchy, memorable, and radio-ready, this is the best track of the album. ~ Bobby Jo Valentine

Without a Sign by Chantelle Delves


Rewind by Chantelle Delves

Newest Australian artist to hit the scene!

Indie Pop/Rock Ballad filled with emotion :)

Rewind by Chantelle Delves


Fancy by Jonesez (Australia)

New track from indie rockers Jonesez off the debut album Betty’s Soup. This track was written after Mark left his suitcase behind at a hotel and had to carry on with the tour. It ended up being 13 days without a change of clothes, playing and smelling horrendously bad almost every night. So that is what Fancy is about…smelling bad and learning to love it.



B. Honey by Benjamin McCarthy

B. Honey by Benjamin McCarthy

An Australian musician, did everything you hear in the spare room - writing, all instruments, and tying his own shoelaces.

Writes choruses so good you could clean your teeth with them -