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Lost Souls by the Rusty Wright Band 

Artist Rusty Wright Band

Album: Playin’ with Fire [Sadson Music 2009]

Available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and the band’s website:

Four CDs available.


Original, rock-tinged blues that has been described by the El Paso Times as “a smart collection of adrenalized modern blues that showcases not only Rusty Wright’s considerable guitar chops but an obvious ability to fuse blues and rock in a way that draws from the former’s traditions and the latter’s high-voltage power.”


5-piece Michigan-based blues rock act touring the US spring/summer 2014. Album #5 drops autumn 2014.

Lost Souls


Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks

The concept of fusing real Chicago Blues with Rap/Hip-­‐Hop had been brewing in his head for a few years. He met Eve on the set of the movie, “Barber Shop.’’ She offered to get involved in the project, but a fateful meeting with Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Run-­‐DMC on September 14th at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in 2002 changed everything. “Jam Master Jay took the idea seriously,” says Brooks. “He liked the idea so much he wanted me to come to New York to work on it. That’s when I knew I was onto something big.”

Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks


These Blues I'm Feelin' By JM Cruiz

A form of the old Guitar driven Blues with vocals & the lead song off his 2011 CD, “Jazz Blues Guitar Works”

These Blues I'm Feelin' by JM Cruiz


8 Ball Aitken - Cowboy Movie

8 Ball Aitken - Cowboy Movie


Bluesy pop-rock that goes down smooth....

My name is Jay Broyer and I play a chill groove based acoustic pop-rock.

This track “So cliche” can be found on my debut EP “The Sound of U”.

This version has been re-mixed/mastered for my new album releasing this fall.

Here’s my tune: “So Cliche’”