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All Falls Apart

Just finished recording this in the studio. I’m proud of it. It’s nice to finally see a product out of the years I’ve been playing. So here it is. Independent Artist.

All Falls Apart


Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks

The concept of fusing real Chicago Blues with Rap/Hip-­‐Hop had been brewing in his head for a few years. He met Eve on the set of the movie, “Barber Shop.’’ She offered to get involved in the project, but a fateful meeting with Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Run-­‐DMC on September 14th at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in 2002 changed everything. “Jam Master Jay took the idea seriously,” says Brooks. “He liked the idea so much he wanted me to come to New York to work on it. That’s when I knew I was onto something big.”

Something's Going Down ft. Twista, GLC, Sugar Blue by Wayne Baker Brooks


These Blues I'm Feelin' By JM Cruiz

A form of the old Guitar driven Blues with vocals & the lead song off his 2011 CD, “Jazz Blues Guitar Works”

These Blues I'm Feelin' by JM Cruiz


You'll Never Win by Arrest My Sister

Arrest My Sister takes live music to new frontiers with its bold and eclectic mix of music styles. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the band revives classic sound and spins it with a modern twist, blending a melting pot of legendary influences from fifty years of rock and roll with today’s flavor and the beat of the “kick.”

You'll Never Win by Arrest My Sister


Antigua by Dusty and the Lovenotes

Dusty and The LoveNotes is a modern day folk-rock band with a varied and strong Americana sound. Dusty Recor, the fearless leader, has always taken the road less traveled. Her lead guitarist, Indian Joe, is an old soul who started teaching himself piano at the age of 5. Their debut CD, “What Did You Expect?” is a collection of stories taken from the experiences of her life. As the name suggests, it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Antigua by Dusty and the Lovenotes