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The Proximity of Death by Jordan Reyne

Jordan Reyne is, in the true meaning of the phrase, contrary to popular belief. It’s not just a redhead thing; it’s the day-to-day life of this singular musician. Already with 5 albums to her credit, Reyne is a pioneer on new sonic turf. With a sound that has been described as the soundtrack to steampunk, her blend of industrial-tinged dark folk is a meeting of genres best imagined as a cross between Dead Can Dance, Nine Inch Nails, and Alanis Morisette. 

The Proximity of Death by Jordan Reyne


The Pixie Can't Sleep by SJ Tucker

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” This one phrase tells you what you need to know about SJ Tucker. Multi-instrumentalist, road warrior, front woman, back office bard, songwriter and rallying point; yes, she is all of these things. More than most, though, more than anything, she is a storyteller. She is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth, a vanguard of the Mythpunk movement with a gypsy Celtic folk rock sound that cannot be ignored. With one hand on her art and the other held out to you, she is songs and stories, community and wit.

The Pixie Can't Sleep by SJ Tucker


Midsummers Night by Jillian LaDage

Honed in the creative fires that only a Scots/Irish heritage can provide, American singer, songwriter, harpist, pianist and record label mogul Jillian LaDage (pronounced la-Day-ge) is an artist firmly rooted in her muses. Equal parts Loreena McKennitt and Sara McLachlan, Jillian has long since stepped out from anyone’s shadow to forge a singular World music voice. Having studied Celtic harp under the tutelage of renowned harpist Kim Robertson, Jillian has performed to enthusiastic crowds all over the world. She also studied modern vocal technique with Chicago’s premiere vocal coach Randy Buescher, of Your True Voice Studio. For over ten years she wrote and recorded original compositions for various professional projects.

Midsummers Night by Jillian LaDage


Pumpkin's Fancy by Cady Finlayson and Vita Tanga

Pumpkin’s Fancy- Cady Finlayson and Vita Tanga

Cady Finlayson is a spirited Irish fiddler, with a global twist. And while she’s best known for her Irish music expertise, Finlayson’s latest release, Electric Green, her collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga, is sure to expand her audience well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries. Finlayson and Tanga met during a tour honoring the music of John Denver. The downtime between touring dates led to musical experimentation and an electric guitar and fiddle performance in Finlayson’s New York City home. “It was at this total dive bar, and I wasn’t sure how the traditional Irish music would go over with that crowd,” Finlayson recalls. “So, just for fun, we decided to add some electric guitar sounds to the mix — crybaby pedal and all. We recorded it and listened to it later, and it sounded really cool!”


Heartwood by Sora

Heartwood by Sora

If you’re standing in a forest, tilting your head way back to glimpse the tops of all those majestic, thickly trunked trees, it’s just impossible not to be moved by their centuries-old resilience; the stoic strength that sees them through even the harshest storms that Mother Nature can unleash. Yet locked deep within the core of each of those mighty oaks and towering sequoias is something even stronger than their outwardly impressive surface layers: the heartwood. A tree’s densest, most durable—and often most beautiful—element, the heartwood is the robust, knotty marrow that keeps it standing proud and tall for all to marvel at. And not only is Heartwood also the name of Canadian singer-songwriter Sora’s astonishing third release, it’s as well the perfect metaphor for her music: gorgeous, rich, endlessly enduring.


Katie Comes a Callin by Maria Dunn

Katie Comes a Callin by Maria Dunn

A storyteller through song, Maria Dunn combines North American folk and country music with the influences of her Celtic heritage. She writes songs inspired by historical and contemporary characters, capturing their struggles and triumphs in her lyrics. A 2009 nominee for the Canadian Folk Music Awards for her newest CD, The Peddler, Maria also received a Juno nomination in the Roots/Traditional Solo category for her second recording, For a Song.


Drummer Boy - Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Music

Drummer Boy - Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Spirit

Inner Splendor Christmas Music is a stirring, peaceful and mystical collection of traditional Christmas melodies as well as new compositions.


Carol of The Bells - Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Music

Carol of The Bells - Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Music

Inner Splendor Christmas Music is a stirring, peaceful and mystical collection of traditional Christmas melodies as well as new compositions.




Park The Car - Doug Folkins

Park the Car by Doug Folkins

Great Big Sea meets Blue Rodeo. Doug Folkins invites you to a racous maritime kitchen party full of Canadian integrity and heart.