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Fern's Easter Music for Kids - "The Egg Hunt"

Fern’s high-energy mix of Shari Lewis & Raffi, sparks kid’s imaginations and makes laughter and joy an adventure, all wrapped up with a hug. Fern is the grown-up who never grew up and celebrates that—in the best possible way—through her music.

Fern's Easter Music for Kids - "The Egg Hunt"


Santa's Reindeer by Fern

Fern is a mixture of Shari Lewis and Raffi, sparking kids’ imaginations and making them laugh—all wrapped up in a hug! Fern is a grown-up who never grew up and it shows—in the best possible way—through her music.

Santa's Reindeer by Fern


Run by Mister G

Like those last few seconds before recess, the wait is unbearable. Tapping their feet, humming favorite songs: the crowd is antsy for the show to start. But where’s Mister G? Then, from off stage, the funky guitar groove kicks in, and countless tiny hands reach for the sky. By the time Mister G appears with his trademark hat and bright red shoes, high-pitched shrieks are threatening to crack the windows.

Run by Mister G


A Tooty Ta by Johnny Only

Johnny Only is a high-energy children’s music performer who uses a style similar to Ralph’s World or The Wiggles(without their accent) to put on an interactive show full of fun for both kids and adults. As a kid-loving parent of three with a live DJ background, Johnny is uniquely qualified to get kids up and dancing in a safe and supportive environment.

A Tooty Ta


Jammy Put On by Rhythm Child

Jammy Put On by Rhythm Child

Rhythm Child is not just a band, it’s a movement. Formed in 2003 by husband and wife team Norman and Heather Jones, Rhythm Child’s mission is to encourage children to create soulful music and percussion, while also building their self confidence. “Eat a Bowl of Cherries” the group’s latest release, proves that not all children’s music needs to be hyperactive and saccharin sweet. In fact, it can be naturally, genuinely sweet—just like a real life bowl of cherries. Style-wise, Rhythm Child sounds more like Otis Redding than Alvin and the Chipmunks, an innovation that will delight children and parents alike.