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'I Need You' by Bill Fuller

The music for this song came before the words.  I understand that I need Jesus to look after me every day in all I do.  I hope this song will encourage others to follow Jesus.  I am a pastor in a small West Texas town and am glad to have this avenue on which I can share these messages.

'I Need You' by Bill Fuller


Faith Rider by Imari Tones

An unapologetically Christian heavy metal band out of Japan, Tak, Hassy, and Jake have a passion to reach beyond their culture to make the music they love, and to reach beyond their music to bring Jesus into their culture. While drawing comparisons to legends like Van Halen, Rush, and Stryper with their hybrid of old school metal/glam/Brit/70’s prog rock, they are one of very few bands in the world that can claim true originality. How so? They are the first Christian heavy metal band ever to come out of Japan.

Faith Rider by Imari Tones


You Will Never Change by Shelley & Cal

You Will Never Change- Shelley & Cal

Husband and wife duo, Shelley & Cal James have been fixtures on the Eugene, OR music scene for many years. The couple has been performing up and down the West Coast since 1993 and with their recent deal with 44-4 Records (distributed by Fontana) Shelley & Cal will be soon be spreading their brand of inspirational music nationwide.