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I Know by Good King Friday

What happens when classical musicians decide to make smart, beautiful pop music.  This one has a unbearably catchy chorus with a New Orleans Jazz arrangement.

I Know by Good King Friday


Seed of Love by Ally Way

What if you ran across Joni Mitchell in 1967 or Roberta Flack in ‘72. How about Sheryl Crow in ‘91 or Alanis in ‘94 or Norah Jones or Alicia Keys before they’d been discovered, would you stop and listen?

Legendary producer David Z (Prince, Jody Watley, Fine Young Cannibals, Angilque Kidjo, etc.) did. When he heard Ally Way he was so impressed he immediately came on-board to produce Ally’s first release.

Meet Ally Way and this is her year. Smart songs, incredible talent, and a unique musical vision. More than just the latest trend, her songs share the same timeless quality of the great female artists of the rock era.

Look into the eyes of youthful songstress Ally Way, and an ancient serenity gazes back. Asked where she was born, she sweetly says, “I’m originally from heaven,” and you believe her. Throw in the angelic voice and an original writing talent, and Ally Way adds up to a remarkable young woman, an enthralling performer whose warm soul comes through in every note.

Seed of Love by Ally Way


Summertime by Heather Scott

Veteran performer Heather Scott is the face of the accomplished St. Louis Ocarina Trio. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott began her musical career as a flutist, earning a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from Illinois State University, as well as a Master’s degree from Webster University.

Summertime by Heather Scott


Rising Star by Alfonso Tellez Jr.

Throughout time heartache over a lost love has pushed people to do crazy and sometimes amazing things. In Alfonso Tellez Jr’s case an unrequited love opened up a whole new world for the Texas born and Minnesota raised singer/songwriter/composer.

Rising Star by Alfonso Tellez Jr.


Fire Inside by Elizabeth Tryon

Fire Inside- Elizabeth Tryon

She May Be Someone You Don’t Know You Want, Until You Get Her

Elizabeth Tryon has just released the album, From Elizabeth, and this stunning new work could come from no one other than Elizabeth Tryon. This is because it is unique – just like Tryon is. While Tryon’s music holds immediate appeal to fans of Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman, and their respective mixtures of pop and classical musical elements, Tryon – the artist – simply transcends any such easy categorization. After all, this is a woman that writes screenplays, has perfected multiple British accents — which are in high demand for commercial voiceover work — and is an actress in the highly competitive New York City theater scene.



Springtime is a classical waltz composition for full orchestra. The theme imparts a happy uplifting mood.

I used a fair interplay between the strings and woodwind section, and between major and minor key sections to give it a rich  and pleasant listening experience.

Hope you enjoy it!

Jean Paul

Check out  for more of my compositions!



Hush Little Baby - Music for Deep Sleep

Hush Little Baby - Music for Deep Sleep


This latest installment from the best-selling Music for Deep Sleep series, features timeless piano renditions of lullabies performed by Dizzy Reed.  The album offers gentle improvisations of classics tunes  such as “Brahms Lullaby” and “Swedish Cradle Song”.


Indaco - Ludovico Einaudi

Indaco by Ludovico Einaudi

Einaudi blends evocative piano minimalism with almost impressionist touches of ambient electronica, strings, and percussion.  His new record, Nightbook, is as definitive a collection as you can expect from a music that is essentially indefinable but if you’re a fan of film, television, or even basketball, you’ve probably already heard his music.