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ThrashGangsters "Terror Has Begun"

Title track of “Terror Has Begun” Demo-EP.

Official Music Video published:



ThrashGangsters - Terror Has Begun


Put The Fork Down (Fatty) by Joe Ferris

Folk/Punk Comedy song by solo acoustic singer/song-writer Joe Ferris.

I wrote this a while ago now and re-recorded it for my new E.P ‘Shits ‘n’ Giggles!’ which is available from my webiste:  where you can also find lots more previews and links to videos. Also a guestbook that I hope you’ll leave me a message in!

This song is the musical equivalent of diet pills - I’ve heard about 12 step weight loss plans and I decided to streamline the whole process down to just one step. Put the fucking fork down!

Put The Fork Down (Fatty) by Joe Ferris


S-S-S-Saturday by Bowling For Soup

Having been in constant creative demand for over 17 straight years, pop-punk uber-band Bowling for Soup clearly has no problem kicking out fresh songs, ridiculous videos, and album after album of music that sets the bar for their genre. Even after nearly two decades together, some things are the same. They still call Denton, TX home, they still are putting out an avalanche of new music every year, and they’re still the guys you’d cut class with to get a beer and a Hot Pocket. For a band that has had only one personnel change in 17 years, which is a remarkable feat by any standards, it’s clear that the team stays tight and that ain’t gonna change. As much as things are the same, however, recent times have brought massive changes for Bowling for Soup, and some things are very, very different and completely awesome.

S-S-S-Saturday by Bowling For Soup


Story Time by Trey Green

A comedy music god who genuinely rocks his face off, much like Tenacious D, Green has earned a reputation as the illegitimate love child of Pearl Jam and Spinal Tap with his wild blend of college/college-dropout humor and sterling commitment to giving you the best time of your life. Don’t get it twisted, though. Trey Green isn’t just about the chuckles. This idiot straight up rocks.

Story Time by Trey Green


The Pixie Can't Sleep by SJ Tucker

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” This one phrase tells you what you need to know about SJ Tucker. Multi-instrumentalist, road warrior, front woman, back office bard, songwriter and rallying point; yes, she is all of these things. More than most, though, more than anything, she is a storyteller. She is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth, a vanguard of the Mythpunk movement with a gypsy Celtic folk rock sound that cannot be ignored. With one hand on her art and the other held out to you, she is songs and stories, community and wit.

The Pixie Can't Sleep by SJ Tucker